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Intercultural competence for professional mobility (Book + CD-Rom)

This publication reflects the outcomes of a project which brought
together experts and practitioners in the field of intercultural
competence for professional mobility and which focused on group-oriented
(teamwork) intercultural communication and interaction competencies. The
materials developed are primarily targeted at educators and facilitators
working with graduates in the social sciences, human resource managers,
intercultural trainers, coaches and mediators and foreign language
teachers in higher education with a strong focus on intercultural
awareness. More generally all those who are interested in the
enhancement of intercultural competence may find it valuable to gain a
deeper insight into the theoretical concepts underlying these materials.
The final product resulting from this project combines a booklet and a
CD-Rom. In the booklet the reader will find essential information on the
ICOPROMO project and on the theoretical model developed within its
framework. In addition, the CD-Rom features: • a set of 18 training
activities designed to develop the intercultural competence of
multicultural teams; • a detailed analysis of a qualitative study on
multicultural teams carried out in the 4 countries represented by the
original project team (Austria, Germany, Portugal and Spain) and used to
define the main elements of the model developed; and • an analysis of a
survey on the topics of languages and cross-cultural training in 30
international businesses and organisations.     

Author(s):   Evelyne Glaser, Manuela Guilherme, Maria del Carmen Mendez
Garcia, Terry Mughan
ISBN:   978-92-871-6143-7 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   54 
Price:   19 Eur/ 29 USD 
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Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue in Youth Work (Symposium
Report) (08/04/2008)

Intercultural dialogue is one of the key missions of the Council of
Europe, along with fostering democracy, human rights and the rule of
law. Young people are crucial actors in that process as the main
stakeholders of societies who are freer from the prejudice,
discrimination and segregation that have characterized most of Europe
for the past decades. The Symposium “Intercultural and interreligious
dialogue in youth work practice” was held in Istanbul from 27 to 31
March 2007. It focused on the problems young people across Europe face
in relation to cultural and religious diversity. The participants
exchanged good practice in youth work and agreed on a Declaration that
sets out the main purpose and objectives in intercultural interreligious
from a youth perspective. The event was part of the 'All Different - All
Equal' European youth campaign for Diversity, Human Rights and
Participation, run by the Directorate of Youth and Sport of the Council
of Europe in 2006 and 2007. The campaign aimed to encourage and enable
young people to participate in building peaceful societies, based on
diversity, human rights and inclusion, in a spirit of respect, tolerance
and mutual understanding. The Symposium was organised with the support
of the European Commission and in cooperation with the Office of the
Prime Minister of the Turkish Republic - Directorate General of Youth
and Sports. The Islamic Conference Youth Forum for Dialogue and
Cooperation and the Turkish National Campaign Committee were also
co-partners. In addition to the Istanbul Youth Declaration and the
conclusions of the rapporteur, this report also gives an account of the
issues raised by speakers and the various working groups of the

Author(s):   Silvia Volpi
ISBN:   978-92-871-6389-9 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   193 
Price:   19 Eur/ 29 USD
    + 10% postage  
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First annual report on the execution of the judgments of the European
Court of Human Rights (2008)

This first annual report on its supervision of the execution of the
judgments of the European Court of Human Rights presents an overview of
the issues and statistical information in the execution of the main
cases before the Committee of Ministers in 2007. It contains a thematic
overview of issues examined in 2007 (Appendix 1) and a statistical
analysis (Appendix 2). It lists the final Resolutions (Appendix 3), the
interim Resolutions (Appendix 4) as well as Memoranda and other relevant
public documents (Appendix 5). information on the development of
execution supervision.     
Format:   A 5 
No. of pages:   270    
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The execution of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (Human
rights Files No. 19, 2nd edition) (31/03/2008)

An important provision of the European Convention on Human Rights is
that in the event of a violation being found, not only is the state in
question required to redress the consequences of the violation vis-a-vis
the applicant – by such means as reopening of proceedings at the origin
of the violation, reversal of a judicial verdict, discontinuation of
expulsion proceedings or, where necessary, payment of a monetary award
to the applicant; but it must also take general measures to prevent the
repetition of the violation. These latter measures may take the form,
for example, of a change in legislation, recognition of the Court’s
judgment in national case-law, the appointment of extra judges or
magistrates to absorb a backlog of cases, the construction of detention
centres suitable for juvenile delinquents, the introduction of training
for the police, or other similar steps. In this study, Elisabeth
Lambert-Abdelgawad examines both individual measures and general
measures taken by states in accordance with the Court’s judgments and
with the supervisory proceedings of the Committee of Ministers, as
published in its human rights (DH) resolutions.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6373-8 
Format:   A5 
No. of pages:   100 
Price:   13 Eur/ 20 USD
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