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Strasbourg 30.10.2007 – National Minorities in the United Kingdom

The Opinion of the Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for
the Protection of National Minorities on the United Kingdom has just
been made public together with the government’s comments.

The Advisory Committee – an expert body set up under the Council’s
Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities - visited
the United Kingdom in March 2007. In its report, the Committee examined
the UK legislation and policy framework. It also looked at the
implementation level in areas such as discrimination, intercultural
dialogue and tolerance. Comments were also made regarding the use of
minority languages, education in minority languages as well as the
participation of minority communities in the public sector and in
decision-making processes.

The Committee of Ministers will now draw on the report as it prepares a
Resolution on the issue.

For more information and the full report: www.coe.int/minorities
The Framework Convention is ratified by 39 States. The Convention
includes a monitoring system, whereby the Committee of Ministers,
assisted by an advisory committee, evaluates the adequacy of the
Convention's implementation. The Opinions of the Advisory Committee are
made public upon upon the adoption of the Committee of Ministers’
resolution but can be made public at an earlier stage at the country’s

Nicola Markes-Goerlach
Council of Europe 
Directorate General of Human Rights and Legal Affairs
Secretariat of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National

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