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Launching Of Institute For The Study Of Minorities Issues

Institute For The Study Of Minorities Issues was launched Thursday,
October 11 during a press conference. The new department aims at
studying and making researches in keeping, developing and expressing the
ethnic identity, the sociological, historic, cultural, linguistic,
religious or other types of aspects of minorities and ethnic communities
in Romania.

The chairman of the institute Istvan Horvath, said the academic and
non-governmental field in Romania has become a source of scientific
information, some of which are very valuable.

The institute eyes making statistics accounting for the ethnic dynamics
in Romania, for the evolution of different minorities, adding the
demographic decrease is especially affecting the minorities. “The
monitoring of these statistics would ground certain educational
policies, would prevent certain conflicts and suspicions.”

The institute representatives aim the population has multi-registration
choice at the population’s census. “The people coming from different
ethnics undertake a double identity. We will make a proposal on
registering the diversity under all aspects,” he said.

The Institute should also draft surveys, make analyses and researches,
organize programs in partnership with international institutes and
departments as well as scientific meetings that aim at protecting the
rights of citizens who belong to national minorities.

The institute is based in the city of Cluj-Napoca, western Romania. It
has a RON 1 million budget for October-December 2007 and a RON 4.5
million budget for 2008. 


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