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The European Parliament of equal opportunities

The European Commission and European Parliament are jointly organising
an ‘EU Parliament of Equal Opportunities for All’
<http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/eyeq/index.cfm> conference on
11-12 October 2007. The event takes place in the context of the 2007
European Year of Equal Opportunities for All, and will be held at the
European Parliament in Brussels.

The main objective of the conference, which will gather 150
stakeholders, is to share experiences on the implementation of
anti-discrimination laws and to discuss possible new measures to tackle
discrimination beyond the labour market. Speakers at the opening session
will be Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou (Vice-President of the European
Parliament), Vladimír Špidla (European Commissioner for Employment,
Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities) and Fintan Farrell (President of
the Social Platform).

Workshops will be held on the implementation of existing
anti-discrimination laws and on evidence of discrimination in access to
goods and services and in education and social protection. The debate
will also consider new measures to tackle discrimination outside the
labour market. 

For further information: 

Speak up on discrimination issues

The ‘EU Parliament of Equal Opportunities for All’ conference coincides
with the conclusion of an online public consultation on combating
discrimination in the Member States and at EU level, which the European
Commission launched earlier this summer.

It is not too late to join the almost 4 000 people and organisations who
have responded to the online consultation and made their voice heard!
The consultation is online in all EU languages and will remain open
until 15 October 2007. 

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Tackling racism in football

Over the last decade progress has been made in challenging racism in
football, but by no means has it been eradicated. 

The Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network calls upon the
European football family to come together 17-30 October for the European
Action Week against Racism and Discrimination in Football. Last year
more than 600 groups in 35 countries took part.

The emphasis of the FARE Action Week this year is a call for greater
participation of ethnic minorities and migrants, inclusion of women and
girls and action against homophobia in the game. 

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September Spotlight

Bulgaria and Romania were active participants in the Community Action
Programme to combat discrimination between 2001 and 2006. Since becoming
full Member States of the European Union on 1 January 2007, they have
built on this experience and are now undertaking a range of initiatives
as part of the European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. Find out
more in the September Spotlight on the anti-discrimination website.

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