MINELRES: ECRI: Recommendation on Combating racism and racial discrimination in policing

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Combating racism and racial discrimination in policing 

ECRI has the pleasure to inform you of the forthcoming publication of
its latest General Policy Recommendation on combating racism and racial
discrimination in policing. The text will be available on ECRI’s website
as of Thursday 4 October 2007.

This Recommendation, which is the result of a wide consultation process
with concerned actors, aims to help the police to promote security and
human rights for all through adequate policing and covers racism and
discrimination in the context of combating all crime, including
terrorism.  It stresses the importance of providing effective safeguards
against racist acts committed by the police, to ensure respect for human
rights and that all segments of society have confidence in the police,
thereby enhancing overall security. This legal text focuses particularly
on racial profiling; racial discrimination and racially motivated
misconduct by the police; the role of the police in combating racist
offences and monitoring racist incidents; and relations between the
police and members of minority groups.

ECRI’s General Policy Recommendation No.11 will be presented on 4
October 2007 at a special public event in Paris, which will bring
together representatives of the police and Interior Ministries,
representatives of intergovernmental and non-governmental organisations,
and research centres and academics working on the issue.


Briefing Paper

WELCOME to ECRI’s listserve. This listserve has been created to inform
our key partners on a regular basis on the latest developments and
events concerning ECRI. Rapid reaction is key to combating racism
effectively on all levels and this listserve should therefore provide
our partners with up-to-date information to be used in their day-to-day


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