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UNITED E-NEWS 5/10/2007-2:
European Parliament invites to Fundamental rights hearing for NGOs on 
18th October

Please see below the invitation from the European Parliament.

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Subject: Fundamental rights meeting with NGOs

Dear Friends,

There are two reports being prepared in the Committee on Civil
Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the European Parliament, which
might be interest to your organisations. We would be pleased to hear
your thoughts on these reports. Mr. Giusto Catania is preparing a report
on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union 2004-2007
and Mr. Michael Cashman is preparing an opinion on the draft
Multi-annual Framework (MAF) of the Fundamental Rights Agency.

The two Rapporteurs would like to hear the views of NGOs and with this
in mind would like to organise a meeting in Brussels on 18th October at
9 a.m. devoted exclusively to NGOs. We are sorry for the extremely short
notice, but given our challenging timetable, it is important that we
seek to hear your views prior to drafting our reports. Unfortunately,
the European Parliament will not be able to cover travel costs or any
other expenses.

The meeting will be divided into two parts, one part dedicated to each
report. The rapporteurs will be there to listen to you views and ideas
rather than to present their opinions. The time for your presentations
will be divided on the basis of requests which we receive from
participants. Each panel will last for around 45-60 minutes. We will
provide interpretation in EN/FR/IT.

We ask you for your comments to the two simple questions:

* What, in your opinion, should be the structure and content of the
report on the situation of fundamental rights?
* What changes/improvements would you suggest to the Commission's MAF,
bearing in mind the scope as provided in the regulation creating the

Please send a confirmation of your participation before 15th October and
request for the floor before the 11th. We will also welcome your written
contributions if you would wish to send them to us. Please send your
replies to LIBE Secretariat: Marie.DEROZIER@europarl.europa.eu and

Please forward this message to other organisations, which might be
interested in participating in the meeting.


LIBE Secretariat on behalf of Mr. Giusto Catania and Mr. Michael Cashman

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