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Roma Rights 3, 2007: Perceptions  

Stereotypes take on a life of their own once they emerge from Pandora’s
box. Distorted perceptions are mirrored onto ethnic and racial groups
and inflict psychological wounds on individuals that are cast as
belonging to those groups. The end result is collective marginalisation
or collective oppression. This issue of Roma Rights explores the
"perceptions" of Roma which are present in certain fields and societies.
Amongst the contributors, Claude Cahn debates the implications of stigma
attached to "Gypsyness" within Romani communities with regard to
addressing human rights matters in his article, "The Unseen Powers:
Perception, Stigma and Roma Rights". Alternatively, in his article "In
the Eye of the Beholder: Contemporary Perceptions of Roma in Europe",
Larry Olomoofe writes on how Roma are perceived in contemporary European
societies. Adrian Marsh’s "Research and the Many Representations of
Romani Identity" narrates the historiography of Romani studies and how
Roma are perceived in the academic field. In a case study presented in
his article "The Perception of Gypsies in Turkish Society", Suat
Koluk?r?k pursues a historical and sociological viewpoint of how Roma
perceived in Turkey. Andras Kadar analyses the way legislation reflects
Roma and their specific problems through the looking glass of the
Hungarian legal system in his article, "Roma and Law: A Semi-Pessimistic
Overview". Finally, Henry Scicluna discusses racist rhetoric related to
Roma in his article "Anti-Romani Speech in Europe’s Public Space: The
Mechanism of Hate Speech". 


Pictures in Our Heads 
Sinan Gokcen 


The Unseen Powers: Perception, Stigma and Roma Rights 
Claude Cahn 

In the Eye of the Beholder: Contemporary Perceptions of Roma in Europe 
Larry Olomoofe 

Research and the Many Representations of Romani Identity 
Adrian Marsh 

The Perception of Gypsies in Turkish Society 
Suat Kolukirik 

Roma and Law: A Semi-Pessimistic Overview 
Andras Kadar 

Anti-Romani Speech in Europe’s Public Space – The Mechanism of Hate
Henry Scicluna 

News Roundup: Snapshots from around Europe 
Bulgaria * Czech Republic * European Union * Finland * France * Greece *
Hungary * Ireland * Italy * Macedonia * Romania * Serbia * Slovakia *
Spain * Sweden * Turkey * United Kingdom 

“Law is Key But Attitudes Are Just As Important” 
Interview with Dr Jeno Kaltenbach 


ERRC Advocacy Action Around the UN Committee on Economic, Social and
Cultural Rights’ Review of Hungary 
Larry Olomoofe 

Human Rights Education

ERRC Training for Kosovo Officials Highlight the Difficulties of
International Human Rights Treaties 
James Duesterberg 

Legal Defense

Positive Duties to Combat Violent Hate Crime After Secic v. Croatia 
Constantin Cojocariu 

Between Litigation and Freedom of Speech 
Leonid Raihman 

Meet the ERRC

New Legal Director Highlights Opportunities Under Anti-Discrimination
Law to Challenge Racism Against Roma
Geraldine Scullion 

Romani Language Publication

Socialo Inkluzia Maskar 
Sociale Servisura 



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