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Topical Issues in Curriculum Development 

Dates: 17 -21 March 2008
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Deadline for applications: 4 February 2008 

Organized by: 
Curriculum Resource Center (Central European University),
Center for Policy Studies (Central European University),
Managing Multiethnic Communities Program of the Local Government and
Public Service Reform Initiative (OSI), http://lgi.osi.hu/

About the Workshop: 
Ethnic, linguistic, religious, gender and other forms of diversity are
central issues for public administration. This is certainly true for
communities in which diversity appears in devise forms, such as in
post-conflict contexts; it is also the case for any society in which
principles of democracy and good governance are established as norms.
However, in contemporary public administration education, public
administrators are rarely sensitized to the relevance of diversity to
their work, let alone how to address it comprehensively. Schools and
institutes of public administration must play a lead role in this
regard, incorporating diversity into their curriculum in a thematic or
topical sense (how diversity is relevant to public service delivery, for
example), and in their own policies (such as through application or
recruitment strategies). 

This CRC workshop will present an opportunity for the synthesis of views
and experiences from a range of social, political, and economic
contexts. It will aim to address ways of integrating diversity into
public administration education comprehensively. Discussions will
consider diversity topically and as an issue that should be integrated
into all aspects public administration education. What models of
incorporating diversity into public administration education exist? How
can curriculum be designed such that public administrators are
sensitized to the need to address diversity in their work? How can
public administration education itself be a model for incorporating
diversity into all aspects of work? 

Topical Curriculum Development Workshops of the CRC cover topical issues
of particular importance to the development of higher education in the
region, in all areas related to curriculum development. Organized by the
CRC office in co-operation with a wide range of strategic partners,
these sessions address current trends in curriculum development, degree
structures and particular or special interest issues. These sessions are
directed at a particular group of academics or focus on a target region
or institution(s).

Application Procedures:
All CRC Applicants must:
- Be university teachers and/ or professionals (who teach part-time) in
the Social Sciences and Humanities from the region (non EU countries)
who are preparing to revise or develop their courses;
- Have sufficient English language ability, both written and spoken, to
participate in discussions and use resource materials;
- Submit an application with all accompanying required documents as
stated on the CRC application form.

All costs related to transportation and accomodation during the sessions
will be covered by the CRC.

Curriculum Resource Session application forms, application deadlines,
the session schedule and further information on the center's outreach
activities and resources may be obtained from the CRC office at the
Central European University or through national Soros Foundations. To
download the application form, visit:

Contact Information:
For more information about about this workshop, contact:
Meghan Simpson (lgiresearch@osi.hu).

For information about application procedures, contact the Curriculum
Resource Center (CRC) / Central European University
Nador utca 9, H -1051 Budapest, Hungary;
Tel: ++ (36 - 1) 327 3189 or 327 3000;
Fax: ++ (36 -1) 327 3190
E-mail: crc@ceu.hu;
WWW address: http://www.ceu.hu/crc/

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