MINELRES: Council of Europe: "Dosta!-Congress Prize for Municipalities" and launch of a CD "Music beyond prejudice, Romani variations of the European Anthem"

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Council of Europe: "Dosta!-Congress Prize for Municipalities" and launch
of a CD "Music beyond prejudice, Romani variations of the European
Presentation of the Congress’s Dosta! Prize for Municipalities

[16/11/2007 11:00:00] As part of the Congress contribution to the
Council of Europe’s Dosta! campaign promoting Roma integration in
Europe, the "Dosta!-Congress Prize for Municipalities" will be
officially presented in Strasbourg (France) on Tuesday 20 November. The
ceremony will take place in the Parliamentary Assembly lobby of the
Palais de l’Europe at 12 noon, in the presence of Congress President
Halvdan Skard, Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer-Buquicchio and
Council of Europe co-ordinator for Roma issues Henry Scicluna. There
will also be the first public presentation of a CD produced for the
Dosta! Campaign, "Music beyond prejudice, Romani variations on the
European anthem". 
(more information -

Conseil de l'Europe / Council of Europe 
Unite de Communication du Congres / Congress Communication Unit 
Tel. 00 33 (0)3 90 21 48 95 Email: saida.theophile@coe.int


Romani variations of the European Anthem 

For the first time, the CD “Music beyond prejudice, Romani variations of
the European Anthem”, will be presented to the public I Strasbourg on 20
November, on the occasion of the ceremony award for three municipalities
of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia which won a competition on
promoting ethnic tolerance organised with the Congress of Local and
Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe. It has been produced
within the framework of the Dosta! Campaign for fighting against
prejudice towards Roma. The Macedonian artist, Esma Redzepova, the"Queen
of the Gypsies", is invited to present the CD in Strasbourg at the
Council of Europe.

For more information and for listening to the songs: www.dosta.org 

Ivana D'Alessandro
Project Manager
Migration and Roma department / Service des Migrations et Roms
Council of Europe / Conseil de l'Europe 
G Building/Batiment G, A3.29C 
1 quai Jacoutot Strasbourg
F - 67075 STRASBOURG Cedex France

Tel.: +33 (0) 3 90 21 51 51
Email: Ivana.DALESSANDRO@coe.int
http://www.coe.int/romatravellers   (English), 
http://www.coe.int/romatravellers/fr  (Francais), 

Campaign with us against prejudices towards

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