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News from the SOVA Center


Statistics of Racist and Neo-Nazi Crimes in Russia. January – October
2007 - http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB41EE/A119D66 

In the period of January 1 to October 31, 2007, in Russia, there were no
less than 270 racially motivated attacks affecting a total of 472
people, including 53 fatalities. Last year in the same period, there
were 220 attacks with 447 victims, 48 of them dying as a result.

SOVA Center Representative Speech at the OSCE Conference on Islamophobia
- http://xeno.sova-center.ru/6BA2468/6BB4254/A0DA70C 

On October 9-10, 2007, in Cordoba, an OSCE conference on intolerance and
discrimination against Muslims took place. Galina Kozhevnikiva
participated in the conference and we publish her speech. 

Call for Contributions: Russian Nationalism Links List

Scholars, experts, journalists, students and other specialists are
invited to make contributions to the new web-resource "Links on Russian
Nationalism" at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/russian_nationalism/links.
There are several folders with over 150 links to relevant papers,
bibliographies, books, primary sources and other material that is freely
available on the WWW. Altogether, the various resources to which these
links lead list hundreds of texts related, in one way or another, to
Russian nationalism. 

You can add a text already published and freely accessible on the web by
simply following the below instructions. Or, you can add a yet
unpublished text or a text not yet freely available on the web to this
list. For doing the latter, you would first have to publish this text
somewhere else on the WWW, for instance, within an established web
newspaper, specialized web site, or scholarly web journal that allows
free access to its articles. Once your text has appeared there, you can
set a link to your new web-based publication in the appropriate folder
of the "Links" section.

For making the addition to the "Links" list, you would have to create a
Yahoo-Account of your own (unless you have already one). Please, visit
http://groups..yahoo.com/group/russian_nationalism/, and click "Join
this Group" (you can easily leave the group and Yahoo later). Once you
have become a group member, go to "Links", open the relevant folder and
click "Add Link". Follow the instructions and apply the format/style of
the previous listings which is the following:


[First Line:] 

first/second/third authors’ family name/s SHORT TITLE OF THE BOOK/PAPER
IN ENGLISH [no more than five words] (add: .pdf, .rtf or .wrd, if it is
a PDF, RTF or WORD file)

[Second Line:] 

[in the case of a paper:] full name/s of author/s, „Title of the Article
Carefully Transcribed into Latin Letters: Subtitle of the Article,“
Title of the Journal, vol. ..., no. ... (Year): starting page-ending

[in the case of a book:] full name/s of the author/s or editor/s (eds.),
Title of the Book Carefully Transcribed into Latin Letters: Subtitle of
the Book (Place of Publication: Publisher, Year).

[Third Line:]

full WWW site of the resource


Here are examples for how an article or a book should be presented:

A r t i c l e:

Lev Gudkov and Boris Dubin, "Svoeobrazie russkogo natsionalizma," Pro et
Contra, vol. 9, no. 2 (2005): 6-24. 

B o o k:

Aleksandr Ianov, Posle El'tsina: "Veimarskaia" Rossiia (Moskva: KRUK,

Please, feel free to add relevant links as you see fit. Sometimes
contributions from one folder to another might be moved. For instance,
if you are a Russian patriot who wants to add a link to an article with
a theory of why Russia should dominate some other people, your
contribution might be moved from the folder „Theorizing Russian
Nationalism“ to the folder „Programs, Interviews and Other Primary
Sources“. Usually, relevant contributions will not be entirely removed,
but might only be repositioned. Only additions that have little
empirical substance, analytic rigor, documentary value or/and
theoretical insight (i.e. are largely useless for scholarly purposes),
or that have no relation to Russian nationalism will be deleted. For
instance, if you want to talk about Estonian nationalism, German
neo-Nazism, Ukrainian ethnocentrism, or American imperialism, you will
have to create your own Yahoo Group for that. (The Yahoo-Groups function
is open to everybody; only little technical expertise is necessary to
set up such a Group.)

Once you want to leave the group, please, send an empty e-mail to:
russian_nationalism-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com, or cancel your Yahoo

For questions, please contact:


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