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Brandeis Master's Program in Coexistence and Conflict

"If a person is seeking to get an MA in this field, this program
perfectly ties
theory to practice and does it in a way that is amenable to adult lives
and needs."
Graduate, '07  

The Brandeis Master's program offers:

The newest thinking about contemporary theories of conflicts, and the
interventions that can address them at local, regional and global

A professional course on Dialogue and Mediation Skills designed for use
in intercommunal conflicts. 

A unique program designed for the needs of early- and mid-career
professionals, providing access to worldwide networks - over 80% of the
students are international and already engaged in field work. 
Students from governments, the United Nations, World Bank, USAID,
business, security, diplomacy, democracy, development, refugee, human
rights, journalism and NGO fields. 

Financial aid in the form of partial tuition scholarships for students
from low-income countries. 
The opportunity to learn from many of the world's leading universities
and organizations in Boston.

One academic year in residence (September to May), a three-month field
project, and a master's report. 

The leadership of Professor Mari Fitzduff, Ph.D., from Northern Ireland,
who brings more than 20 years of international policy and practice
experience to the program. 
For more information 

See what the participants say about the course

Please forward this email and encourage other interested colleagues to
apply by January 31st, 2008
Professor Mari Fitzduff

Anne Gudaitis
Program Administrator
Tel: 1-781-736-8575  Fax: 1-781-736-8561

'Preparing Leaders to Prevent, Manage and Resolve Intercommunal
The Brandeis Masters in Coexistence and Conflict offers a unique blend
of theory and practice to mid-career professionals, particularly from
government and intergovernmental agencies, seeking an advanced degree in
preventing and addressing intercommunal conflict.  Slifka Fellowships
may be available to candidates accepted in the

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