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Fri Nov 2 20:14:35 2007

Original sender: Ilona Alexander <IAlexander@ohchr.org>

Dear representatives of minority organizations, 

I am a new staff member at the Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Unit of
the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights
(since 16 July 2007). In the future I will be sending you our monthly
newsletter as well as other relevant information. 

In this present E-mail, I would like to inform you that the Human Rights
Council (see http://www.ohchr.org/english/bodies/hrcouncil/ for more
information about this relatively new body) has decided to include NGOs
among entities that can nominate candidates as special procedure
mandate-holders - rapporteurs, experts, etc. (see
http://www.ohchr.org/english/bodies/chr/special/index.htm for more
information about special procedures). Our office is preparing a public
list of eligible candidates which will be periodically updated.
Proposals for candidates can be sent to the following address:
hrcspecialprocedures@ohchr.org using the standardized form attached to
this E-mail in English, French and Spanish. Please first consult the
attached information note concerning the submission of eligible
candidates (in English). 

I would also like to draw your attention to another Human Rights Council
decision regarding the submission of candidatures to be elected (by the
Human Rights Council) as members of a newly established Human Rights
Advisory Committee. The candidatures are to be proposed or endorsed by
States but the States "should consult their national human rights
institutions and civil society organisations and, in this regard,
include the names of those supporting their candidates.." The deadline
for the State submissions is 2 January 2008. 

For more information, please find attached a Note Verbale concerning the
submission of eligible candidates for special procedures mandate holders
and the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee, respectively (in
English and French).  We also include a copy of the Council's decision
6/102 which relates to the follow up to the Council's resolution 5/1 and
its institution building processes (English and French). 

Kind regards, 


Ilona Klimova-Alexander
Associate Human Rights Officer
Indigenous Peoples and Minorities Unit
Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Avenue Giuseppe-Motta 48, Office 2-09
Geneva - Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 928 9845; Fax +41 22 928 90 66 

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