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Freedom of expression in Europe - Case-law concerning Article 10 of the
European Convention on Human Rights (Human rights files No. 18)

The European Court of Human Rights has always defended the idea that
freedom of expression has an essential role to play in a democratic
society, helping to foster the development of an open, tolerant society
in which human rights are respected. Freedom of expression is not
absolute and unconditional, however; there are certain limits which must
be respected. How can racist, xenophobic propaganda be proscribed
without trespassing on individual freedom of expression? How can a
suspect's right to be presumed innocent be protected without placing
restrictions on the public's right to information? Where should we draw
the line concerning the criticism of politicians by the media? It is by
answering these and many similar questions over a period of almsost
fifty years that the European Court of Human Rights has developed its
case-law in respect of Article 10 of the European Convention on Human
Rights, presented in summary form in this book.     

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