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ECRI releases reports on Azerbaijan, Finland, Ireland and Monaco

ECRI released today four new monitoring reports on racism, xenophobia,
antisemitism and intolerance in Azerbaijan, Finland, Ireland and Monaco.
The reports focus on “implementation”.. They examine if ECRI’s main
recommendations from previous reports have been followed and
implemented, and if so, with what degree of success and effectiveness. 

ECRI recognises that positive developments have occurred in all four of
these Council of Europe member countries. At the same time, however, the
reports detail continuing grounds for concern for the Commission:

In Azerbaijan, access to public school for children of non-citizens
without legal status has been improved. But there are still cases of
racist and inflammatory speech or the promotion of religious intolerance
by some media, members of the general public and politicians. In
general, there is a lack of awareness on the part of the Azerbaijani
population on the problem of racism and intolerance in Azerbaijan and of
the relevant existing criminal, civil and administrative law provision
aimed at combating such phenomena. 


Finland has ratified Protocol No.12 to the European Convention on Human
Rights and strengthened its legal and institutional frameworks against
racism and racial discrimination. But there is a need for a more
consistent public commitment against racism and racial discrimination in
all its forms in order to promote genuine ownership by society as a
whole of the fight against these phenomena. The implementation of the
existing institutional and legal frameworks against racism and racial
discrimination still needs to be improved, including through evaluation


In Ireland, a National Action Plan Against Racism was launched in 2005,
and a number of recommendations made by the Human Rights Audit on the
police force regarding combating racism and racial discrimination are
currently being implemented. But the criminal legislation has not been
amended to include sufficiently strong provisions for combating racist
acts which affect in particular visible minorities and Travellers.
Further measures are necessary to raise members of minority groups’
awareness of existing mechanisms for seeking redress against racism and
racial discrimination. 


In Monaco, the authorities have enacted a law on freedom of public
expression, which punishes incitement to racial hated. But the
Principality still needs to adopt anti-discrimination provisions in
civil and administrative law as well as criminal law provisions for
punishing racist acts. The racist motivation of a crime is not regarded
as an aggravating circumstance at the time of sentencing. Procedural
safeguards are needed with regard to persons subject to a turning back
or deportation order. 



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