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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

16 May 2007

Commission publishes mainstreaming study

The Centre for Strategy and Evaluation Services, on behalf of the
European Commission, has produced a new study: ‘Non-discrimination
mainstreaming - instruments, case studies and ways forward’.

The report defines ‘non-discrimination mainstreaming’ as putting
equality concerns into all public policies, legislation and programmes.
This means equality must be considered at all stages of decision-making.

The publication reviews the case for equality mainstreaming and the
factors critical to its success. It also highlights a wide range of
approaches and case studies at both European and national levels.

Download the study:

TRAILER rounds up work on Roma rights

European Dialogue has recently completed a two-year project funded by
the European Commission’s Community Action Programme to combat
discrimination. The aim of the TRAILER project was to improve the
implementation of national anti-discrimination legislation vis-a-vis the
EU equality directives. 

TRAILER brought together human rights/anti-racist organisations from
five European countries, all at different stages of implementing
national anti-discrimination legislation. The aim was to improve access
to justice and to promote social inclusion for Roma, Romany Gypsies and

Activities included training sessions and seminars; monitoring and
documentation; legal assistance; litigation; transnational study visits;
and implementing local action plans.

European Dialogue has published a final report highlighting the
project’s findings and achievements.

For further information:

ILGA-Europe calls for freedom of assembly

ILGA-Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay
Association, is calling on European mayors and celebrities to sign up to
a statement on the right to freedom of expression and assembly.

The first signatories are announced on 17 May, which is International
Day Against Homophobia. On the same day, ILGA-Europe address their
campaign to mayors of European cities where Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and
Transgender (LGBT) public events have been banned, restricted or have
faced violence.

For further information:

May Spotlight: What role for positive action?

This month’s Spotlight feature on the anti-discrimination website
reports on the European Commission’s annual anti-discrimination
conference. The event brought together 120 people active from across the
spectrum of the non-discrimination field and tackled the issue of
positive action in employment and society.

Read the Spotlight here:

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