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News from the SOVA Center
Nationalists stain May Day and Victory Day in Russia - 
Anti-Estonian rhetoric and activities; attacks on minorities;
subcultural and left-wing youth and nazi groups taking part in May Day
and Victory Day – these events form the dark political tapestry woven by
the extreme right-wing in the first ten days of May. 

08.07.07 The International Victory Day!
We won't forget. We won't forgive.
Never again!

Galina Kozhevnikova. Winter Maneuvers of the Ultra-Right: Explosions,
Congresses and Trials -
We publish regular analytical reports on radical nationalism and public
and state counteraction to it. This report has been compiled on the
basis of the SOVA center’s daily monitoring of the situation and covers
the events and tendencies of the Winter 2006/7 period. 

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