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Recent ECMI and ECMI-related publications

European Centre for Minority Issues:
ECMI Monograph #5
Supporting Local Romani Coordinators: A Practical Guide to Integrating
Roms in Municipal Government.
Download:  http://www.ecmi.de/download/monograph_5_en.pdf
Note: ECMI Monograph #5 is also available in Romani and in Serbian here:

Lohm, Hedvig:
ECMI Working Paper #38
Javakheti after the Rose Revolution: Progress and Regress in the Pursuit
of National Unity in Georgia
Download:  http://www.ecmi.de/download/working_paper_38.pdf

ECMI Annual Report 2006
In addition to a presentation of its manifold activities, projects and
publications, the 2006 Annual report includes a special section on 10
years of the European Centre for Minority Issues, with details on
strategy and methodology, as well as the full text of key anniversary
Download:  http://www.ecmi.de/download/Annual_Report_2006.pdf

External evaluations
External evaluations of ECMI Roma projects in Serbia and Montenegro and
in Macedonia are available here.
Download:  http://www.ecmi.de/rubrik/35/evaluation

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