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Roma Rights 4/2006: Romani Women’s Rights Movement  

The current issue of Roma Rights looks at the responses of Romani women
to some of the human rights violations Romani women face. The Romani
women’s movement has evolved organically through the wider pursuit of
Roma rights by Romani women and men over the years in response to the
initial (and mostly continuing) lack of attention to women’s issues on
the part of the predominantly male “leaders”; some of whom viewed
patriarchal traditions as integral components of Romani identity and
culture. Romani women’s first steps to speak out about their rights as
women and to challenge the idea that certain practices are a part of
Romani culture have often been met with criticism, rejection or have
been simply ignored. The fact is that women’s rights in all contexts
tend to be a cause of controversy, but particularly when in
juxtaposition with other characteristics such as race or ethnicity,
disability, sexual orientation, etc. This issue provides a few examples
of current Romani women’s actions and reflections. 

This issue includes the information listed below and is available from
the ERRC web site at the links below:

Part one 

Part two 


Romani Women’s Rights by Ostalinda Maya Ovalle


Romani Women’s Rights at the European Level by Livia Jaroka

The Romani Women’s Movement in Montenegro: Chapter One by Tatjana Peric

Shifting from Terminology to Substance by Azbija Memedova

Coping with Coercive Sterilisation by Lucie Fremlova 


Coercive Sterilisation in Czech Republic: Civil and Criminal Law Aspects
by Michaela Kopalova

In the Name of Reproductive Rights; Litigating before the UN Committee
on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women  by Anita Danka


Bulgaria * Czech Republic * Europe * France * Greece * Hungary * Italy *
Lithuania * Romania * Russia * Serbia * Slovenia * Spain * Turkey *
Ukraine * United Kingdom


“You have the Right but not the Opportunity” by Larry Olomoofe


European Roma Rights Centre Statement on Romani Women’s Rights


The Romani Women’s Movement: From East to West


Comfort in Times of Change  by Dimitrina Petrova


Roma Rights is published quarterly in Budapest, Hungary, by the European
Roma Rights Centre.

Coordinating editor for this issue: Ostalinda Maya
Editorial team: Tara Bedard and Claude Cahn
News co-ordinator: Tara Bedard
Design and layout: Dzavit Berisha

© December 2006 European Roma Rights Centre ISSN 1417-1503. The opinions
expressed in authored pieces are not necessarily those of the European
Roma Rights Centre. The contents of Roma Rights are free from all
copyright restrictions on condition that the source is mentioned and
reproduction is not for commercial purposes. The ERRC requests that
three copies of the reproduced text be sent to the editor.

Paper copies of Roma Rights can be obtained by contacting the offices of
the ERRC: office@errc.org. The ERRC requests a donation of 12 USD or 10
euro per copy, via:

PayPal: http://www.errc.org/cikk.php?cikk=2735 


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