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Fri Mar 16 15:45:32 2007

Original sender: Nigel <nigel@languagedirectory.co.uk>

Dear Friend,

Language Directory is Launched - http://www.languagedirectory.co.uk

A new language directory site is being launched:
http://www.languagedirectory.co.uk. This will be of particular interest
to language professionals and related website owners. This is a
pre-launch opportunity to add your details to the directory and a link
free of charge.

Never before has such a directory existed, as similarly named sites have
generally targeted sponsored search. The Language Directory is a true
directory and has over 250 language categories, as well as general
categories such as 'Languages of Europe'. Further subcategories may be
opened in the future to assist the directories users.

For website owners this will be an ideal opportunity to add a link to
their site from the directory. For instance, an Italian Language School
will be able to add their link in the Italian Languages section and the
earlier a link is added the higher on the page they might remain listed.
This gives you the power of a relevant link back to your site from a
relevant category and might increase the chance of people finding your
website during general search.

For language professionals without a website the directory will give the
opportunity to find related businesses and organisations by the
language(s) they are involved. A one stop shop for new contacts.

Please visit http://www.languagedirectory.co.uk


Nigel @ The Language Directory Team

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