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New ECMI Resources available

ECMI Issue Brief #15 
Wheatley, Jonathan.
The Economic Dimension of Minority Participation in Europe.
Download:   http://www.ecmi.de/download/brief_15.pdf 

ECMI Working Paper #37
Protsyk, Oleh, Andrei Volentir and Igor Bucătaru.
Addressing the Transnistrian Conflict: Competing Stances of Moldova's
Political Parties and Expert Community.
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/download/working_paper_37_en.pdf

"Implementing Human Rights in Serbia and Montenegro."
Materials in English and Serbian of joint ECMI-Danish Institute of Human
Rights project. 
Download: http://www.ecmi.de/doc/Implementing_Human_Rights/ 

ECMI Ethnopolitical Map of Europe - Croatia
Download page:  http://www.ecmi.de/emap/hr.html

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