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Dear all!

Here are the details of a book recently published. It is entitled
/Dreams of the Road (Sune Le Dromenge) 
Gypsy Life in the West Country/- by Martin Levinson and Avril Silk. 

The book is published by Birlinn Ltd
ISBN 978 1 84158 505 5

Based on interviews with Gypsy people in the South West of England, it
recounts their stories of childhood, 
memories of their parents' lives, etc..

I am not trying to "plug" the book; as neither my co-writer nor myself
receive royalties for it, there is no 
financial gain in doing so. However, we do feel that it is significant
for being based on the voices of Gypsies themselves, rather than of
non-Gypsies writing about them.

Both Avril and I have worked with Gypsy families for many years, and our
impetus to write the book 
was to counter the hostile publicity that they have received in recent
years in our media, reminding people 
that they are an important part of our heritage and have a basic right
to be living in this region. I work at 
the University of Exeter; all my research has been about issues
surrounding Gypsy education, culture and 
identity. I have written a number of academic articles on the above
themes.  Avril worked for many years 
with the Somerset Traveller Education team.

Best wishes,

Dr.Martin Levinson,
School of Education and Lifelong Learning
University of Exeter
Heavitree Road
Exeter EX1 2LU
01392 264809

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