MINELRES: Anti-Roma and anti-Romanian article by the current editor of "Moldova Suverana"

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Tue Jun 19 19:46:01 2007

Original sender: Ionas Rus <rus@fas.rutgers.edu>

Ion Berlinski, the current editor of the government-subsidized  
Moldovan publication "Moldova Suverana" ("Sovereign Moldova") wrote in  
2002 the article whose translation from Moldovan (Romanian) appears  
below. The text appeared in the Thursday, May 23, number of the weekly  
newspaper "Tineretul Moldovei" ("The Youth of Moldova"), whose editor  
he was at that time, and was posted on its website at  
http://maxpages.com/tineretul/ on Sunday, May 26.

All the best,

Ionas Aurelian Rus


Is every third Romanian a Rroma?

Around 1985, [Romania's Communist dictator, Nicolae - tr.] Ceausescu
requested that it should be reported to him how many Rromas there are in
Romania. The answer was startling: 4 million 800 thousand. Since that
time, if one takes into account the legendary fecundity of this
migratory ethnie, their number could only increase, since, according to
the Romanian writer Ion D. Sirbu, the Gypsies are multiplying in number
in a geometrical proportion, and after an atomic war would be the only
ones capable of offering a new model of anti-civilization. The same
writer said about the Rromas, "They are refusing hygiene, refusing the
alphabet [i.e., literacy], history, literature, tradition. They do not
have a religion, they do not have morals for their internal use. They
are refusing any kind of social Contract, they are refusing work,
refusing public documents (identity document, passport, proof)... They
are not assimilating, assimilating - this seems to me terrible." And the
Romanians, who have the verbal-patriotic expansionist will, are not
assimilating [them], we would add.

The essayist Paul Everac wrote a few years ago that some of the Gypsies
are however civilized enough and are hiding their true identity and
that, therefore, their number would in fact be double. In other words,
around 10 million. It would appear that the tooth fillings of the
current government in Bucharest fell out after finding out the
preliminary results of the last population census from March this year.
>From trustworthy sources, we have found that the preliminary results
would be made public at the end of June. And the final results would be
known only next year. The same sources are claiming that there is a
delay in the publishing of the results of the census because the
Romanian authorities do not wish (before entering the EU and NATO) that
the European countries would know the true number of the Rroma in
Romania. And this would be around 7 million Gypsies. Therefore, every
third Romanian citizen is a Rroma. In what other way could one explain
such sloth, when the results of some parliamentary elections, for
example, are known practically the same day? A few years ago, I was
walking on the boulevard Stefan the Great with a university professor
from Iasi. "Lord, how beautiful are the people in here", said at a given
moment the professor. "What is the reason?", I asked him somewhat
flattered. "Easy as good day: you were not Gypsified - anatomically and
mentally". "I am not [a] rasist, but I believe that this is the truth",
told me the professor, adding "God forbid if, following a union [with
Romania], you would be invaded by about a million Rroma from Romania."

>From the time of the union (of Moldova and Wallachia - translator's  
note, Ionas Rus) of 1859 until now, Bucharest has brought two  
resounding defeats against its own country. In the nineteenth century,  
it put in its place Moldova between [the] Prut and [the] Siret  
[Rivers]; in the twentieth century, it completely destroyed
Transylvania, which, until the union (however miraculous) of 1918, was a
true diadem in the Austro-Hungarian crown from the point of view of
Westernization, economics and culture. Instead of placing the Western
traditions of Transylvania as the basis of Romanian state construction,
the political slick types from Bucharest transformed Transylvania into
an annex of the capital on the Dambovita. Today, what is Transylvania,
whose budget is two times smaller than the budget of Bucharest? When
they are asked sincerely, a large majority of the Transylvanian
Romanians would answer unequivocally: if the problem of their union with
Budapest or to Bucharest would be posed, they would vote for Hungary.

Because, sir, it is a serious state.

It would appear that now, at the beginning of the third millenium,  
Bucharest wishes a resounding defeat over the "brothers of one blood  
[i.e., ethnic origin] and one nation" through the compromising of the  
Republic of Moldova [through its union with Romania and the Rroma  
"invasion"- explanatory comment made by the translator, Ionas Aurelian  
Rus]. Finally, since neither ethnie is at fault, being the victims of
the politicians from the Dambovita, we are assuring both the Romanians
and the Rroma of our love and considerations.

Ion Berlinski


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