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Mon Jun 4 17:41:24 2007

Original sender: Marek Canek <mise@mkc.cz>

Dear moderator,

I would like to let you know that the specialised website on migration 
in Central and Eastern Europe www.migrationonline.cz has a new design, 
functions and updated contents.

There are two new themes online that have been supported by the EU 
within the "How many paths to Florenc?" project:
1) Economic Development, Social Welfare & Citizenship
Sandy Brian Hager, theme editor

Zenia Helgren, (De)constructing European Citizenship - Political 
mobilization and collective identity formation among immigrants in 
Sweden and Spain
Sandy Brian Hager, The Lisbon Agenda and 'Neoliberal Communitarian' 
Lena Nöãre, Ukrainian and Polish Domestic Workers in Naples - A Case of 
East-South Migration
Giulia Laganö=, The EU's "basic values" and irregular migrants: Common 
principles for integration or tool for exclusion?

2) Political Economy of Migration and Mobility in the EU
at www.migrationonline.cz/themes/political_economy/

Ian Bruff, theme editor

- Ian Bruff, Migrants are not variables: a critique of the migration 
literature and associated policy developments
- Sam Scott, The ability of "world city" theory to explain contemporary 
patterns and processes of intra-European labour migration
- Ian Bruff, The role of I.T. migrants working in Ireland: the uneasy 
and unstable relationship between skills shortages and career choices
- Izabela Grabowska-Lusinska, Skill shortages, emigration and 
unemployment in Poland - causes and implications
- Interview with Dr. Martin Ruhs

3) Two other longer-running themes are available here:
- Gender and Migration www.migrationonline.cz/themes/gender/
- Refugees in CEE www.migrationonline.cz/themes/refugees/

I hope you find the articles interesting and the whole website useful. 
We would appreciate comments or feedback.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the migrationonline.cz 
editorial board and other people who have been supporting us. We are 
greatful to our sponsors, especially the Open Society Fund Prague, 
European Union, International Visegrad Fund.

Marek Canek, mise@mkc.cz,

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