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Today, on 1st June 2007, Youth Wing of the Movement "Multinational
Georgia" started Campaign "Let Us Save Children's Future" which aims
support to the children from socially unprotected sections of the
population through conduction of the charitable actions -
entertainment-educational activities. Principle position of our
organization is the fact that for implementation of given Campaign will
be attracted only local (Georgian) financial and other resources. This
is stipulated by a fact that unfortunately today less attention is paid
towards children who mainly received international support. It is time
for us to pay attention to our children - future of our state. Nobody
will understand them better! 

Action which took place today was dedicated to the International day of
Children's Protection and gave opportunity to the orphan children and
refugees to visit Tbilisi Puppet Theatre named after George Mikeladze.
This was the first activity among those envisaged by the Campaign and
was held with support of the members of the Youth Wing, Georgian company
LTD "Hyperion" and administration of abovementioned theatre. Children
also received presents.

In the nearest future organization plans to start negotiations with
various Georgian companies and civil actors concerning support to such
kind of charitable actions. Organization also plans opening of special
account where all donated means will be transferred and afterwards used
for support to orphan children, refugees and children with fewer
opportunities. Allocation of these means will be defined and controlled
by the Council specially created for this purpose. The Council will
involve famous civil actors, young movie and theatre players, singers

Let us save future of our children!

For additional information please call: (995 32) 95 16 11; (995 99) 68
68 96

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