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Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues in Europe
JEMIE Volume 6, Issue 1 (2007) 

Issue 1/2007

General Articles
Fit for Purpose or Faulty Design? Analysis of the Jurisprudence of the
European Court of Human Rights and the European Court of Justice on the
Legal Protection of Minorities
Anneleen Van Bossuyt
Download (PDF file 110 KB):

The Educational Rights of the Muslim Minority under Greek Law
Iris Kalliopi Boussiakou
Download (PDF file 127 KB):

Real and ?Virtual? Elements of Power Sharing in the Post-Soviet Space:
the Case of Gagauzian Autonomy
Oleh Protsyk and Valentina Rigamonti 
Download (PDF file 111 KB):

Ethnic Minority Protection and Anti-discrimination in Central Europe
Before and After EU Accession: the Case of Poland
Peter Vermeersch 
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Special Focus

Equal Opportunities for National Minorities: Theory and Practice 

Authors: Gabriel von Toggenburg, Eben Friedman, Ulrike Schmidt, Jonathan
Wheatley and Adrian Zeqiri
As 2007 has been designated by the EU as the Year of Equal Opportunities
for All, the focus of this issue is on strategies within the EU and in
its immediate neighbourhood to promote equality of opportunities for
members of autochthonous national and ethnic minorities. Within the EU,
the aim is to analyse the impact on members of national minorities of EU
policies to tackle social exclusion. Beyond the EU?s borders, the focus
is on how effective neighbouring countries have been in designing and
implementing anti-discrimination policies as they prepare for closer
integration with the EU and the extent to which such policies are
directed at members of national minorities. Overall, the contributions
to this Special Focus tackle two cross-cutting themes: equal
opportunities for members of national minorities in political
participation and equal economic opportunities. 


Introduction: Europe and the Integration of Integration
Gabriel von Toggenburg. 
Download (PDF file 67 KB):

A Dual Challenge for the Year of Equal Opportunities for All: Roms in
the Western Balkans 
Eben Friedman
Download (PDF file 152 KB):

The Aspect of Culture in Social Inclusion of Ethnic Minorities:
Assessing Language Education 
Ulrike Schmidt
Download (PDF file 174 KB):

The Economic Status of National Minorities in Europe: a Four-Case Study 
Jonathan Wheatley 
Download (PDF file 205 KB):

Equal Opportunities Provisions for Communities in the Comprehensive
Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement 
Adrian Zeqiri
Download (PDF file 82 KB):


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