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News from the SOVA Center


MP Savelyev vs. SOVA -

On 5 July, 2007, Andrey Savelyev, an MP, for “Rodina” and notorious for
his ultra right-wing ideas, announced that the Prosecutor’s Office,
acting on a complaint from him, initiated a prosecution against the SOVA
Center on 15 June 2007. 

On July 6, 2007, the Prosecutor’s Office of the central district of
Moscow informed our Center that no charges have been brought against us.
There is just an ordinary preliminary checking going on, which is a
standard procedure for the investigation of any official complaint to
the Prosecutor’s Office.

Savelyev claimed that SOVA had libelled him and Sergey Pykhtin,
secretary of the central council of his “Great Russia” party. According
to Savelyev, he learned about the charges against SOVA from the deputy
Prosecutor-General Victor Grin.

Our Center, however, has, as yet, no information on the precise charges
brought against it and are not aware of which particular publication the
libel charges refer to. 

Savelyev recently published the text (in Russian) of his complaint to
the Prosecutor's Office on a pro-Kremlin website, inter alia, demanding
that an item from SOVA be subjected to legal examination. 

The material from SOVA (in Russian) does not particularly refer to
Savelyev, but rather to the website of the “United Russia’s “Russian

SOVA wrote that, on this website, among other informational partners of
the "Russian project", is named a magazine titled Zolotoy lev (“Golden
Lion”) which has published purely racist articles and pointed out that
Savelyev and Pykhtin were members of its editorial board. 

We doubt whether this case will have a successful outcome for Savelyev
because such supposedly “offensive” descriptive terms as “ultra
right-wing”, “radical right-wing” or “racist” – which are often used on
SOVA’s website – simply describe the ideology of organisations and
individuals who happen to come to our attention.

Andrey Savelyev is the leader of the newly formed party, “Great Russia”.
He is a member of DPNI (Movement Against Illegal Immigration) and a
signatory of the infamous “Letter of the 500”, an antisemitic appeal to
outlaw all Jewish organisations in Russia.


A neo-nazi leader arrested in Moscow -

On July 3, 2007, Maxim Martsinkevich (alias Tesak, which means
"hatchet"), the leader of a neo-nazi group Format18, was arrested in
Moscow. In April 2007, Tesak was charged with hate propaganda (article
282, part 1) in connection with his intervention at the debate in a
Moscow club on February 28, 2007. He may be sentenced up to 5 years of


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