MINELRES: TURAN: Turks-Meshetins Prepare to Return to Their Native Places

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Tue Jul 10 19:26:51 2007

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BAKU/25.06.07/TURAN: The Turks-Meshetins are inspired by the Georgian
parliament's adoption of the law on the return of the Meshetins, who
were deported in 1940s from their native lands. According to the head of
Azerbaijan's Vatan Society Ibrahim Burkhanov, in the near future the
Georgian parliament will adopt in the second reading the bill, and after
the adoption of the law in the third reading the return of the Meshetins
to their native places will begin. Burkhanov said that representatives
of Vatan Society had meetings with  representatives of Georgian
authorities, the mass media and civil society even during preparation of
the bill. Currently more than 50,000 Meshetins live in Azerbaijan, he
said. Meshetins were deported by Stalin in 1944 from Georgia to Central
Asia for "betrayal." After Georgia gained its independence the Council
of Europe imposed an obligation on Georgia to allow the Turks-Meshetins
to return to their native 

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