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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

29 June 2007

Commission acts to close gaps in race equality rules

The Commission has sent formal requests to 14 Member States to fully implement 
EU rules banning discrimination on the grounds of race or ethnic origin 
(2000/43/CE). The countries concerned – Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, 
France, Ireland, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, 
Slovenia and Slovakia – have two months to respond, failing which the 
Commission can take them to the European Court of Justice. The Race Equality 
Directive was agreed in 2000 with a deadline for implementation into national 
law by 2003.

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ILGA-Europe looks to the future 

ILGA-Europe, the European Region of the International Lesbian and Gay 
Association, will hold a meeting to define its future direction. The event, to 
be held in Budapest on 7 July, will bring together around 35 representatives of 
its member organisations from around Europe.

The first aim will be to take stock of progress made towards its current 
strategic objectives. These include key issues such as improving recognition of 
human rights, working towards full integration in the labour market and working 
towards social inclusion including access to goods and services. 

The meeting will then aim to reach an agreement on a strategy for the 
organisation to be effective for the three year period from 2008 to 2011. ILGA 
members in 10 European countries have already given their views on progress 
made and future steps to take.

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AGE presents social inclusion project

AGE, the European older people’s platform, presented its ‘AGE/inc’ project on 
poverty and social inclusion at the European Parliament on 26 June. Jean 
Lambert, MEP and co-president of the European Parliament’s Intergroup on 
Ageing, hosted the event. 

The presentation highlighted older people’s views, situation and policy 
priorities. A focus of the project had been to increase the involvement of 
older people who experience poverty and social exclusion in the processes that 
aim to address these issues. One of the project outcomes was a toolkit to 
provide ideas and guidelines to organisations to plan meetings with older 

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June Spotlight: Information campaigns and the 2007 European Year

This month’s Spotlight feature on the anti-discrimination website 
highlights the work of information campaigns. Four years on from the launch of 
the ‘For Diversity. Against Discrimination’ campaign there is now a special 
focus on the 2007 European Year of Equal Opportunities for All. 

Next month’s spotlight will focus on training.

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