MINELRES: New book: National minority standards - A compilation of OSCE and Council of Europe texts

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National minority standards - A compilation of OSCE and Council of
Europe texts (25/06/2007)

The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and the
Council of Europe, guided by the same values and with similar goals and
sharing similar challenges, have co-operated to produce this compilation
of texts addressing national minority issues. The vigorous endeavours of
the OSCE and the Council of Europe to achieve a new peaceful European
order after 1989 have resulted also in developing new instruments and
strengthening their engagement in national minority issues, although
this was not always enough to prevent wars and interethnic conflicts.
The aim of this book is to highlight the standards developed for
national minorities and to make them known to everyone, including civil
society and the authorities directly concerned.     
ISBN 10:   92-871-6220-5 
ISBN 13:   978-92-871-6220-5 

Format:   16 x 24 
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