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We include a brief summary of the latest articles published on Eurolang.

European Commission: Multilingualism boosts European competitiveness,
moving from multiculturalism to interculturalism 

Each year, thousands of European companies lose business and miss out on
contracts as a result of their lack of language skills, according to a
study carried out for the European Commission during 2006 by CILT, the
UK National Centre for Languages, published today. 

Thousands expected for Belfast Irish language march 

Thousands of Irish speakers and their supporters are expected in Belfast
on Saturday 24th February for the first ever Irish language march in
Belfast city centre. Also, on Tuesday (27th February) a day seminar in
Dublin takes a new initiative by bringing together Irish speakers with
politicians to discuss language planning and development.

International Mother Language Day: UNESCO Chief appeals for a ‘harmonius
environment’ for all languages 

Today (21st February) is International Mother Language Day, the event
was launched by UNESCO in 1999 to celebrate the world’s 6,000 or so
languages. This year sees various events being held in Paris with the
focus being on promoting linguistic diversity and multilingual

EBLUL France calls for the official recognition of France’s regional

EBLUL France and the Association des Rencontres des langues et cultures
regionales ou minoritaires have launched an online petition calling on
the French presidential candidates for the official recognition of
France’s regional languages. 

Progress with Ulster Scots Academy plan 

A commitment to an Ulster-Scots Academy, announced in the April 2003
Joint Declaration between the governments of the United Kingdom and the
Republic of Ireland, has steadily moved toward fulfilment.

Parents call for North Sami language nest in Vuotso, Finland 

YLE Sami Radio reports that parents of Vuotso children in Finnish
Samiland are demanding a North Sami language nest to start operating in
Sodankyla County in the fall of 2007. 

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