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Call for Applications 
Humanity in Action Summer Programs on Human and Minority Rights
June 1 to July 5, 2007 

Deadline for Application: March 21, 2007

Send your application to: germany@humanityinaction.org

Follow-up Programs in New York and Washington D.C.October 6 to 13, 2007
and January 12 to 18, 2008


In June 2007, Humanity in Action (HiA) will organize its ninth
transatlantic Summer Program on Human and Minority Rights. For the third
time the program is open for students from certain Central and Eastern
European countries. These countries are: Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina,
Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Ukraine.  

Applications from other Central and East-ern European countries CANNOT
be accepted. We invite applications from students with an eager interest
not only in analysis and discussion but also in grass roots project
work. We look for students who are flexible, mature and self-reliant.
Participants need to be at ease with intense, constant group ac-tivities
and interaction. Costs and expenses related to the summer programs and
the follow-up seminars in the United States will be covered by Humanity
in Action.

Applicants must be enrolled in a university (in one of the specified
countries) and they must have completed at least two semesters when
applying for the program (applications from students abroad, e.g. within
Erasmus/Tempus are also welcome, however, studying permanently outside
the home country disqualifies for application). Post-graduates or Ph.D.
candidates CANNOT be considered. 

Please turn in your application by March 21, 2007. Telephone or personal
interviews with applicants will take place late March/early April 2007. 

Humanity in Action: Humanity in Action is a transatlantic organization
that brings together European and American (US) students with an active
interest in human and minority rights and in the exchange of experiences
in defending and enhancing them. The organization is devoted to the
study and betterment of human rights and specifically the relationship
between majority and minority populations. The summer programs are
designed to provide a starting point. The intense core program will be
followed by pro-jects within the Senior Fellow Network based on the
fellows' initiative and commitment. 

Summer Programs: Humanity in Action Summer Programs run simultane-ously
in Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris and Warsaw with joint open-ing
and closing sessions. In 2007, the joint sessions with more than 100
par-ticipants will take place in Berlin. 

During the summer programs in the respective five countries the
participants will be offered two weeks of lectures by activists,
politicians, academia and other experts on the field and guided site
visits on how these societies deal with their various minorities, e.g.
religious, ethnic or other and how human rights are dealt with. The
focus will be historic as well as contemporary. For another two weeks of
research the Fellows are expected to work in small international teams
on specific issues within the framework of the summer programs (oral and
written reports) and make substantial contributions to the success of
the program. 

A total of 18 students from these six Central and Eastern Europe can
participate. Other participants come from Denmark, France, Germany, The
Netherlands and The United States.

Follow-up seminar in the US: 
The summer programs will be followed by a one-week seminar for the
European fellows in the United States. Half of the Europeans will go to
New York (October 6 to 13, 2007), half to Washing-ton/DC (January 12 to
18, 2008).

Follow-up activities: Successful participants of HiA's summer programs
have access to HiA- internship-programs, such as at the Congress in
Washington DC, at the European Parliament, at the International Criminal
Court for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague, the United Nations in New
York and at a multitude of NGOs working in the field of human and
minority rights. Once you became a Humanity in Action Senior Fellow you
have the chance to enter the Senior Fellow Network, that provides you
with one of the most valuable networks and series of activities on human
and minority rights in Germany.

More information: 
To get a detailed insight into previous years' pro-grams, please check
the personal testimonials by Senior Fellows and the written reports on
our website: www.humanityinaction.org

Costs: Humanity in Action pays for travel and housing to and from the
sum-mer programs and the follow-up seminar in the US. The organization
pays for some, but not all meals during the core programs. Participants
should plan to bring some spending money for food and social activities
during the core program (approximately 300-400 Euro).

Application Requirements - Berlin and Warsaw Summer Programs 2007

The following information is required from each applicant for the
Humanity in Action fellowship. It must be submitted IN ONE FILE (word
document, no pdf-files) via email. An incomplete application or
applications sent in several files will NOT be considered.

Applications are expected by March 21, 2007
Return all required information to:     germany@humanityinaction.org

Give the file your last name!
Please note that the summer program and the internships will entirely be
held in English. Thus, your application needs to be turned in in

Questions: For questions about the Program contact Rainer Ohliger in
Ber-lin: r.ohliger@humanityinaction.org

Application Requirements:
1) completed application form (see below)
2) curriculum vitae, no more than two pages
3) a letter of motivation of no more than 600 words in which you explain
why you would like to participate in the HiA summer school and the
spe-cial contribution you will add to the group. 
4) one essay of no more than 600 words in which you discuss either one
of the following questions: 
- Where do Minority Rights Start - Where Do They End? 
- What are the Costs and Benefits of Being a Country of Immigration?
5) An action plan (no more than 500 words): formulate a human and
minority rights problem that you see in your local community. Come up
with a feasable action plan that you yourself could implement, as a team
leader, to solve this problem, and explain what qualifies you to take
the lead. This action plan is not meant to be a theoretical exercise but
rather an outlook to what you will actually implement after the Summer
Core Program.

Application Form for HiA Summer Program 2007 

Personal Information

Last Name, First Name:


Home phone:                                     Cell Phone:


Date of Birth:                                  Gender:

Place of Birth:

Academic/Professional Background

Field of Studies:

University:                                     No of Semesters:

Level of English Proficiency
Speaking:       Fair    Medium  Good    Very Good
Understanding:  Fair    Medium  Good    Very Good
Writing:        Fair    Medium  Good    Very Good

Other foreign languages spoken:

Do you work beside your studies?
(Please note that you would not be able to work in case of participation
in the summer program!)

Personal Interests:

Extra-Curricular Activities:

How did you hear about the Humanity in Action program?
- I read about the program in (name publication/magazine): 
- Surfing on the Internet               
- Via a listserver (which one?)
- From a former participant (who?)
- Other way (please

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