MINELRES: ERRC: Continued Hate Speech and Racial Profiling of Roma in Russia

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ERRC Condemns Anti-Romani Actions in Russia

On 1 February 2007, the ERRC sent two letters to Russian authorities
expressing concern at anti-Romani actions in the country and urging
immediate action to end such incidents.

The first letter, sent to Mr Pavel Gusev, Editor-in-Chief of the
newspaper "Moskovskij Komsomoletc", expressed concern about the rise of
anti-Romani hate speech in the newspaper and the regular and apparently
habitual linkage of Roma with crime. The letter, which was copied to the
Director of the Central Regional Administration of Rosohrancultura,
urged employees of the newspaper to take a firm stand against
anti-Romani hate speech and to refrain from publishing inflammatory
anti-Romani language. The full text of letter is available on the ERRC's
Internet website at: 

The second letter was sent to Mr Mikhail Cukruk, Chief of the Department
of the Ministry of Interior of Volgograd Region, and expressed concern
recent police raids in the city of Volzhskiy, undertaken within the
framework of a police action called "Operation Tabor". The action, the
name of which points directly to anti-Romani actions by law enforcement
officials ("tabors" are Romani settlements), is the most recent in a
series of explicitly anti-Romani actions by Russian police taking place
since 2002. In its letter, the ERRC urged Russian authorities to take
immediate measures to end abusive police operations targeting Roma in
the region of Volgograd. The full text of the letter, which was copied
to the General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation, is available online

The letters are a part of ongoing ERRC work in the Russian Federation to
combat hate speech against Roma and the problems experienced by Roma in
the Russian criminal justice system. Since 2006, the Netherlands
Ministry of Foreign Affairs has supported ERRC work in the Russian


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