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European Culture(s) - The Challenge of Diversity and Unity

This year's Summer School will take place from June 30th to July 14th
again at Seggau Castle (near Graz/Austia) and will focus on the topic
"European Culture(s) - The Challenge of Diversity and Unity".

For two weeks, internationally renowned experts will be at the students
disposal in order to disseminate specialised knowledge and stimulate
discussions in workshops, lectures and seminars. In this international
environment, students will be trained to understand and discuss
dimensions of Europe beyond the European Union.

The academic background of the project will be dealt with in sex seminar
(1) Uniform Law and the Protection of the Diversity of Legal Cultures in
(2) Towards a Common European History
(3) Entrepreneurship and Economy - Models and Concepts in European
History and Presence
(4) Cultural Science: Modernization, Culture and Identity
(5) Intercultural Competence
(6) Media Shaping and Reflecting European Cultures

Moreover, talks, lectures and excursion to Graz as well as a cultural
programme will be offered.

There are places available for eighty students from all over Europe.
Students from the Eastern and South Eastern European region are
especially invited to apply.

The International Summer School Seggau is funded through grants given by
sponsors and donators from all over Europe. For that reason it is
possible to reduce the tuition fee for students to the amount of Euro
300.- (reduced fee Euro 150.-). This tuition fee includes the Summer
School programme, meals, housing and a printed report. Travel
arrangements have to be made and paid for individually.

Accreditation: As the Summer School is based on the ECTS system, the
recognition as a regular part of participants' studies at their home
universities should be facilitated. In order to obtain a certificate,
students must actively participate in one seminar module and all
lectures (recommendation: 2 ECTS). It is also possible for students to
write a scholarly seminar paper (recommendation: 4 ECTS). This paper
will be evaluated by the academic coordinators to ensure an appropriate

The deadline for applications is the 31st of March 2007 (date of stamp).

Applications have to be send via normal mail (snail mail) - applications
via email will NOT be accepted.

Please find more detailed information on the International Summer School
Seggau 2007 as well as application forms on the internet:


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