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New Report Provides Overview of Justice Initiative Activities

New York, December 20, 2007 — A new publication released by the Open
Society Justice Initiative describes the organization’s recent
activities, accomplishments, and ongoing efforts. Report on Developments
2005-2007 surveys the Justice Initiative’s work in promoting open
societies through legal reform, emphasizing the organization’s impact on
the ground. 

The 72-page book uses feature stories to illustrate major challenges
confronted by the Justice Initiative in its six major program areas:
Africa, equality and citizenship, freedom of information and expression,
international justice, legal capacity development, and national criminal
justice reform. These stories describe key Justice Initiative programs,
as well as major achievements during 2005-2007, including:

• The international campaign to end Charles Taylor’s asylum in Nigeria,
which culminated in Taylor’s transfer to The Hague to face trial before
the Special Court for Sierra Leone.
• The denial of citizenship rights to Kenyan Nubians, as told through
the experiences of Shafir Ali Hussein.
• Ethnic profiling by police in the Moscow Metro, where riders who do
not appear to be Slavic are over 21 times more likely to be stopped than
riders who appear Slavic.
• Government suppression of free speech in Cameroon, where radio station
Freedom FM is prevented from broadcasting.
• The case of Marcel Claude Reyes, whose pursuit of information held by
the Chilean government resulted in a landmark court decision
establishing a right of access to government-held information.
• Progress and challenges at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of
Cambodia, which has the historic task of seeking to deliver some measure
of justice to Cambodians, more than 30 years after the mass atrocities
of the Khmer Rouge.
• A paralegal program providing access to justice in Sierra Leone, where
there are few working courts and many legal problems go unresolved.
• The jailing of brothers Mu’azu and Isah Ibrahim, who spent three years
in pretrial detention in Nigeria, waiting for their day in court.
• Reforming the juvenile justice system in Kazakhstan, a Soviet-style
system that makes little distinction between accused juveniles and

In addition to these stories, Report on Developments 2005-2007 includes
description of the Justice Initiative’s six program areas, an essay on
the rule of law movement, and a list of publications available from the
Justice Initiative.

Click here to download the PDF or order a printed copy of Report on
Developments 2005-2007:

Contact: David Berry, Open Society Justice Initiative: +1 212 548 0385
(New York).

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