MINELRES: ERRC and NEKI Call for Action Against Racist Group in Hungary

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ERRC and NEKI Call for Action Against Racist Group in Hungary  

On 13 December 2007, the ERRC and NEKI submitted joint requests to the
Hungarian Prosecutor General and Chief of Police of Hungary regarding
racist, anti Romani activities of the Magyar Garda, a paramilitary group
established in August 2007 with the stated purpose of protecting
Hungarian culture and the Hungarian nation. In their request to the
Chief of Police of Hungary, the ERRC and NEKI appealed that the
activities of Magyar Garda be monitored and that explicitly anti Romani
demonstrations and other activities be stopped. In their letter to the
Hungarian Prosecutor General, the ERRC and NEKI asked that the Magyar
Garda's registration documents be reviewed according to the actual and
racist activities of the Group and that the Prosecutor General seek the
revocation of the Group's permit.

The joint requests were sent in the aftermath of the recent anti Romani
activities by the Magyar Garda in Tatarszentgyorgy and statements made
by the Group's representatives calling for the segregation of Roma,
which aim to incite ethnically motivated hatred.

The joint submissions are available in Hungarian at:


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