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The treatment of prisoners - European standards (31/07/2006)

At the start of the 21st century, some 2 million Europeans were detained
against their will in prisons, police stations, mental health
institutions or other detention centres. It is generally recognised that
protection against the arbitrary deprivation of liberty and the
prevention of ill-treatment reflect the extent to which states respect
human rights and human dignity, when these can be jeopardised by demands
for security and efficiency. This book describes the European system for
the protection of people deprived of their liberty and how this has
evolved over the past fifty years. It discusses the different
initiatives taken by the Council of Europe in this area, of which the
European Convention on Human Rights and the Convention for the
Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment
are the most significant.     

Author(s):   Jim Murdoch
ISBN:   978-92-871-5927-4 
Format:   16x24 
No. of pages:   405 
Price:   44 EUR/ 66 USD 
    + 10% postage  

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State of human rights and democracy in Europe (04/12/2007)

Protecting human rights and promoting democracy are the Council of
Europe's two main tasks. But to what extent do the 47 member states live
up to their commitments in these two crucial areas? The Parliamentary
Assembly of the Council of Europe tried to answer this questioning an
unprecedented political debate during its April 2007 session. This first
debate was attended by parliamentarians from throughout Europe, the main
partners in the global human rights community - the UN High Commissioner
for Human Rights, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch - and the
managers of the main Council of Europe monitoring mechanisms. The texts
contained in this publication show that despite undoubted progress,
Europe is still afflicted by serious human rights violations, including
enforced disappearances, extra-judicial executions, torture and secret
detentions, as well as shortcomings in democratic processes.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6288-5 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   250 
Price:   30 EUR/ 45 USD 
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Religious diversity and intercultural education: a reference book for
schools (23/04/2007)

This reference book is intended to help teachers, teacher
administrators, policy makers and others deal with the important issue
of religious diversity in Europe's schools. The religious dimension of
intercultural education is an issue that affects all schools, whether
they are religiously diverse or not, because their pupils live and will
work in increasingly diverse societies. The reference book is the main
outcome of the project "The Challenge of intercultural education today:
religious diversity and dialogue in Europe", developed by the Council of
Europe between 2002 and 2005. It is set in four parts, which cover some
of the theoretical perspectives that teachers and others need to be
aware of as they consider issues of intercultural education, some key
conceptual elements of intercultural education on various approaches to
teaching and learning, some aspects of religious diversity in schools in
different settings, and some examples of current practice in some member
states of the Council of Europe.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6223-6 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   205 
Price :   15 EUR/ 25 USD
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Integrated social services in Europe (23/10/2007)

This report is the result of a two-year project carried out by a group
of specialists, whose task was to examine the integration of social
services with other selected public services. The concept of
'integration' covers various approaches and methods intended to increase
the co-ordination and effectiveness of different services in order to
serve the best interests of their users and their families or carers.
Addressed to policy makers at national and local levels, service
organisations and users, the report provides examples taken from
different countries in Europe and guidelines on designing and
implementing effective integration policies and practices. It
complements Access to social rights in Europe (2002) and is an integral
part of the Council of Europe's Strategy for Social Cohesion.     

Author(s):  Prof. Brian Munday
ISBN:   978-92-871-6209-0 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   93 
Price:   10 EUR/ 15 USD 
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Catalogue of publications (New edition) 

The 2008 catalogue lists all recent publications of the Council of
Europe in French and English language.  
 Council of Europe Publishing is the rganisation’s official publishing
arm and offers a wide choice of books and electronic products in all the
subject areas linked to the co-operation developed between the 47 member
states. A leading publisher of reference works in the field of human
rights and international law (constitutional law, criminal law, family
law, labour law, etc.) Council of Europe Publishing also produces works
in other spheres of human and social sciences, including: health, social
affairs, bioethics, education, culture, youth, sport, architectural
heritage and environment. 
Format:   A 4 
No. of pages:   86 

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Point of view - Point of Law. Guantanamo: violation of human rights and
international law? (01/10/2007)

What are the rights of the prisoners held by the United States at the
base in Guantanamo Bay? Is their imprisonment lawful? Should we be
thinking about strengthening the Geneva Conventions and changing
international law? The Parliamentary Assembly, and hence the 47 member
states of the Council of Europe, has spoken with one voice, condemning
this flagrant violation of human rights and demanding the closure of the
Guantanamo detention centre. This book contains all the Assembly's
arguments, along with the study by the Venice Commission, which brings
all its legal expertise to bear in considering whether the detention of
people by the United States in Guantanamo Bay is lawful and if there is
a need for a change in international law.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6294-6 
Format:   A 5 
No. of pages:   120 
Price:   13 EUR/ 20 USD 
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Family calendar 2008 (21/09/2007)

A Family Calendar for 2008 See the whole family's activities at a
glance! This family calendar has enough space to note down all those
appointments and birthdays. Every monthly page also gives useful
information on children's rights and how best to protect them.     

ISBN:   978-92-871-6282-3 
Format:   24 x 50 
No. of pages:   14 
Price :   12 EUR/ 18 USD 
    + 10% postage  

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