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Call for Papers 
“Integration in Eastern European Societies: Minorities between
Nation-States and Europe”
The British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies BASEES
Conference 29-31 May 2008. Fitzwilliam College Cambridge
Numerous studies have focused on ethnic minorities in Eastern Europe
mostly emphasising nationalising policies, the problem of external
homelands, and effects of EU-enlargement on relations between majorities
and minorities. In addition to existing studies this panel seeks to
address the efforts taken by CEEC for integrating national minorities in
their society. The panel aims at reviewing practices and programmes of
social integration since 1989 by implementing Social Integration
Programmes of various kinds. We would like to welcome case-studies
investigating the development of state minority integration programmes
from various perspectives. The contributions should address the
following questions, but are not limited by these: 
Which role are state actors, international organisations, local
communities and minority groups playing when initiating and executing
integration programmes? 
Which ideological, political or other conceptions stand behind these
integration programmes? 
What is the international and domestic legal basis for minority
What – if any – was the role of minorities in the drafting of these
Has the original framework of integration programmes changed since its
first application? 
Which problems emerged during implementation? 
Can EU conditionality be made responsible for the implementation of
integration programmes? 
What has changed with EU membership?

Potential paper givers should submit an abstract of not more than 250
words, and a brief academic CV, including institutional affiliation and
major foci of research until Friday, September 21st to the convenors.
Malte Brosig, University of Portsmouth
Timofey Agarin, University of Aberdeen

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