MINELRES: Georgia: no progress in investigation of burglary in minority MGO office

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Fri Aug 31 09:23:55 2007

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Today, on 29 August 2007, the Union "Public Movement Multinational
Georgia" (PMMG) addressed Mr.Vano Merabishvili, the Minister of Internal
Affairs of Georgia with a letter concerning burglary happened in the
office of the organization on 7 June 2006 (criminal case No 06061883,
qualification: article 117, part III, paragraph "g"), during which were
stolen system computer blocks (cases) in which was kept the whole
organizational information, including project drafts, reports,
analytical materials and documentation (including passport and private
documentation of certain members of the organization); the other
computer equipment, modern techniques as well as money remained

The letter says that given accident, as an act of vandalism towards
Georgian NGO uniting ethnic minority representatives, caused anxiety in
the Georgian public at large, as well as among number of international
organizations. If in the first period investigating bodies worked quite
actively on the case, it is already half a year that there is no real
progress in the inquest. It is being formed an opinion that
corresponding bodies and structures are not interested in the
investigation of abovementioned accident. 

In order to stir up the process, PMMG representatives addressed the
Minister with request personally pay attention to investigation of the
mentioned case.
Press-service of the Union "Public Movement Multinational

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