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Restructured ECMI web page

Since 2006, ECMI has sharpened its focus to cover four distinct areas of
expertise in its research and its action oriented work. The ECMI website
has now been restructured to correspond to these four priorities:

- conflict transformation in the Balkans, the Caucasus region and
outside of Europe

- political participation of minorities in the institutions of the state
at national, regional and local level

- equal access of minority communities to economic and social

- and language and cultural issues.

It is ECMI's aim gradually to produce key resources relating to these
issue areas on its web-site, in addition to information about it current
project activities. This includes, for instance, the clickable map of
the settlement of ethnopolitical conflict in Europe, model legislation
on political participation on minorities, samples of good practices on
economic inclusion and materials relating to language and culture. In
this way, ECMI hopes to complement the increasing interest in these
thematic areas within the wider Europe, including the institutions of
the European Union, the Council of Europe and the

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