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12 August 2007

Greece: Trial of Kostas Plevris and "Eleftheros Kosmos" for
anti-Semitism on 5 September 2007. LAOS party spokesperson supports
Kostas Plevris and libels Jewish leaders and GHM.

Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) on the occasion of today's day (4th August
- beginning of the Metaxas fascist dictatorship in 1936) announces that
Kostas Plevris and the newspaper "Eleftheros Kosmos" have been referred
to trial before the 2nd Three-Member Misdemeanor Appeals Court of Athens
on 5 September 2007, for violation of article 1 paragraph 1 and article
2 of the anti-racism law 927/79. They are charged with having "publicly,
through the medium of the press, with intent and acting in concert,
incited deeds and actions that could provoke discrimination, hatred and
violence against persons and groups of persons, solely because of their
racial and ethnic origins, and expressed offensive ideas against a group
of persons because of their racial and ethnic origin and specifically
against Jews in general; the first of them (Konstantinos Plevris)
carried out these actions persistently." The relevant summons with the
full charges follows.

It is recalled that the relevant court brief was drawn up ex officio
following a complaint report filed by GHM with the Head of the Public
Prosecutor's Office of the Athens Court of First Instance, on 30 October
2006, for anti-Semitic articles published in "Eleftheros Kosmos" on 27
October 2006 in conjunction with the book by Kostas Plevris, "The Jews -
The whole truth", which was published in May 2006. At the preliminary
examination, GHM's specialist on anti-Semitism, Andrea Gilbert, and the
leadership of the Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece
(Kentriko Israilitiko Symvoulio or KIS) filed complaints with
constitution of civil claimant status. Also, the Anti-Nazi Initiative
(Antinazistiki Protovoulia) filed an analytical memorandum in the form
of a supplementary complaint report. All these parties are prosecution
witnesses in the trial. 

The defendants did not propose defense witnesses during the preliminary
examination. However, Kostas Plevris proceeded to file a complaint for
false charges and defamation and a series of lawsuites against the
executives of KIS and GHM, and against the "Virus Group" ("Ios") of
journalists of the newspaper "Eleftherotypia". In addition, in June
2007, he published a book on the matter titled "The struggle for the
truth: the adventures of a book" with a selection of texts from the
relevant briefs.

In the framework of Kostas Plevris' complaint against the executives of
KIS and GHM, Adonis Georgiadis, spokesperson of the extreme right LAOS
(Independence/Democracy Group in the European Parliament), testified as
a witness for the plaintiff. In his sworn statement he supports Kostas
Plevris' book and the Holocaust denial in it, while falsely maintaining
that "at no point in the book does the complainant sanction or incite
other persons to violent acts against Jews, nor does he justify similar
practices that others have done in the past." He considers "false and
defamatory the content of the lawsuits" filed by the executives of GHM
and KIS against Kostas Plevris… The indictment that follows is based on
the GHM and KIS complaints and constitutes the best proof that it is the
LAOS party spokesperson, well-known for his anti-Semitic views and the
advertisement of Kostas Plevris' book, who is a liar and a libeler and
not the executives of GHM and KIS.
Summons Number 334/07


[translated in English by the Central Jewish Council of Greece(KIS)  and
edited by Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM) from the Greek original available
scanned in
and in Word document form at

The Appeals Prosecutor of Athens 

In accordance with articles 320, 321 in conjunction with articles 9 par.
1 section a and 111 par. 7 of the Code of Penal Procedure, as article 9
has been replaced by article 14 par.1 of LAW1649/1986.

We summons: 1) Konstantinos PLEVRIS son of Athanasios, LAWYER of Athens,
resident in Athens at number 81 Skoufa Street, 2) Dimitrios
ZAFEIROPOULOS son of Konstantinos, Publisher, resident in Athens at
number 5 Zalokosta Street, 3) Theodoros HATZIGOGOS son of Nikolaos,
Journalist, resident in Athens at number 25 Sampsountos Street, and 4)
Mihail GEORGILAS son of Georgios, resident in Athens at number 5
Zalokosta Street, to appear in person before the 2nd Three-Member
Appeals Court of ATHENS in a hearing on WEDNESDAY the 05th day of the
month of SEPTEMBER in the year 2007 at 9:00 a.m. to be tried as liable
in that:

In Athens on the dates mentioned below, they publicly, through the
medium of the press, acting jointly and with intent, incited actions and
deeds likely to lead to discrimination, hatred and violence against
individuals and groups of individuals, purely on the basis of their
racial and ethnic origin, and also expressed ideas that are offensive to
groups of individuals because of their racial and ethnic origin and
specifically against Jews in general. The first of those listed
(Konstantinos Plevris) performed these actions repeatedly. To be more

A. The first, second and fourth of those listed (Konstantinos Plevris,
Dimitrios Zafeiropoulos and Mihail Georgilas), in Athens on 29.10.2006,
publicly through the medium of the press, with intent and acting
jointly, incited actions and deeds likely to lead to discrimination,
hatred and violence against individuals and groups of individuals,
purely on the basis of their racial and ethnic background and
specifically against Jews in general. In that, in the aforementioned
place and time, Dimitrios Zafeiropoulos and Mihail Georgilas being
publishers and directors of the weekly newspaper 'ELEFTHEROS KOSMOS'
which is published and circulates in Athens, acting jointly and with
intent with Konstantinos Plevris did, on 29.10.2006, publish in issue
174 of the newspaper in question, a letter/response from Konstantinos
Plevris to the newspaper 'ELEFTHEROTYPIA' with the following content:

Professor K. Plevris' answer to 'Ios'

An answer which was never published in 'progressive' Eleftherotypia

A lengthy article on Mr Plevris's book 'THE JEWS: THE WHOLE TRUTH' had
appeared in Eleftheroptypia's 'Ios'.

Mr Plevris had a right to answer. However, the 'progressive' journalists
of 'Ios' [GHM note: "Ios" means "Virus" and refers to a team of
investigative journalists], who are supposed to believe in … democracy
and debate, never printed his letter! Instead, they wrote, in a style
befitting a thousand Caesars, that they do not enter into a debate… What
wonderful democracy they believe in! The same kind of democracy that
Stalin, Trotsky and other great stars of the 'democratic left' believed

'Eleftheros Kosmos' publishes Mr Plevris' response to 'Ios', a response
which asked critical questions that, of course, 'Ios' did not answer and
never will. Simply because they cannot.

The text of Mr Plevris' response is as follows:

Dear 'Ios',

Thank you most kindly for the publicity you gave my book. I was also
very pleased to see that you did not use any derogatory epithets against
me, but restricted yourself to 'political' positions.
I would like to take this opportunity to draw attention to your silence
on the following:
1. On the 'Talmud', of which I include excerpts: not a word!
2. On the huge stock of historical evidence of Jews' anti-Christian and
miso-Hellenic policy: not a word!
3. On the massacre of Priests and of the Greek people by the Jews that I
describe: not a word!
4. On the military pacts between Israel and Turkey that I mention: not a
5. On opinions of Jews held by eminent figures such as Cicero, Seneca,
Goethe, Voltaire, Shakespeare, Cant, Wagner, Schopenhauer, Napoleon,
Truman, De Gaulle, Kolokotronis, Makrigiannis, Souris, Dragoumis and
others which I transcribe without alteration: not a word!
6. On the teaching of Judaism against people in general and Greeks in
particular, which I note with references: not a word!
7. On Jewish insane 'racism' e.g. 'the children and descendants of
foreigners are like unto the descendants of animals'! (YBAMOTH FOL.
94,2) the chosen people; all nations are servants to the Jews etc; which
I analyse in detail: not a word!
8. On the collaboration between Jewish Zionists and Nazis, which I
reveal and provide evidence for: not a word!
9. On anti-Semitism in the communist world and the assassination of
Stalin by Jews, which I prove: not a word!
10. On the Jewish population statistics and the evidence of their
falsity, for which I provide documentation: not a word!
11. On the evidence of the Holocaust, gas chambers, 'ovens', etc. which
I convincingly refute: not a word!
12. On the massacre of children in Palestine and the devastating
photographs that I present: not a word!
13. On the international Jewish espionage networks that I publicize with
proof: not a word!
14. On the collaboration between Jews and Turks in the USA which is
based on evidence: not a word!
15. On the role played by Jews in the intervention in Iraq and the
slaughter of Iraqis, which I establish with photographs: not a word!
16. On the miso-Hellenic, Jewish religious books, to which I give
precise references: not a word!
17. On statements made by rabbis about Jewish domination of the world
and the killing of those of other faiths, for which I present evidence:
not a word!
18. On Jewish penetration into our Education, which I denounce on the
basis of evidence: not a word!
19. On the Jews' murderous deeds, for which I cite cases: not a word!
20. On the plan to subvert the Nations, which I prove with evidence and
facts: not a word!
21. On the betrayal in 1821, 1912-13 and during the campaign in
Asia-Minor, which I back up with reference to historians and events: not
a word!
22. On the unknown documents and photographs of Jewish machinations,
which I include in my book: not a word!
23. On Jewish forgeries, which I prove with photographs: not a word!
24. On my being silenced and on the silencing of anyone who refused to
believe the lies of Jewish Zionism, which I describe: not a word!
25. On the condemnation of historians, professors and politicians for
ideas that do not coincide with those of the Jews: not a word!
Dear Ios,
>From the 1,400 pages in my book you selected 2-3 phrases and distorted
them. Shame. I thought you would have something with which to counter my
evidence so that there could be a debate. Even so, I challenge you to a
televised debate, which would be very interesting but which I do not
believe you would dare to take part in, though you did dare to set
yourself up as an advocate for the Jews.
It really does take a lot of courage to support Jews now that they are
committing horrific crimes against the Palestinians who are of Greek
You falsely say that I write in favor of the annihilation of the Jews.
Nowhere do I purport such a thing. So, come on, agree to a debate. It is
truly strange that somebody, who in your opinion is a fascist and a
Nazi, should invite you to engage in a debate and you, the democrat,
should refuse! Strange, but not inexplicable.
For your information, the first edition of my book has almost sold out
and in the second edition I shall include your article against me in its
entirety because we want the other opinion to be heard. But you do not.
If you have the courage, prove me wrong!
- The case of those who offended my personality ended in the decision of
the court that I was not a CIA agent and was not involved in terrorist
activities as they libelously claimed.
- As regards the junta and such like, I have never made a secret of my
ideology and consider it an honor to have worked with the Military
Regime of 21st April. You supported those who opposed me in court, but I
did not see you there when the verdict went against them and they were
obliged to make amends materially by paying me compensation, which they
did, and morally by producing a publisher's letter. Do not hide these
things. Even pointing out that some people have written against me does
not prove the truth of what was written. There is no reason (?) to
'mislead' readers, which you have been accused of doing, and you may
rest assured that I do not collaborate with people 'outside Greece',
which one genuine Marxist (details of whom are at your disposal) has
accused you of publicly, putting his name to the accusation, which I do
not know whether you answered.
 - Regarding Nazism etc., I will write whatever I believe to be correct,
and not what Jewish propaganda dictates. On this subject, agree to a
public debate, because that is the only way to show who is telling the
truth and who is not. Monologs serve the purposes of those who are in
the wrong.
In your article you claim that I conduct neo-Nazi propaganda. I
therefore ask you:
- All that is written in the 'Talmud' and the Old Testament, all that
the Rabbis state, all that the Jews do in Palestine, the massacre of
Greeks at the hands of the Jews in Naousa, Cyprus, Hios and elsewhere,
the anti-Hellenic and miso-Christian holy scriptures of the Jews, all
that eminent figures have said about the Jews, the 1821 betrayal by the
Jews, the miso-Hellenic deeds of the Jews, the host of photographs of
assassinations carried out by Jews, and so on, is all this neo-Nazi
- I assure you that Mr. Stathopoulos whom you appointed deputy leader of
the '4th August' [GHM note: old party led by K. Plevris] was not even in
the '4th August' leadership, so where did you see him as its deputy
To bring my answer to a close, I ask you to publish the excerpts from
the 'Talmud' that I mention in my book. Then wait and see what will
happen in Greece. I do not think you believe that: 'Jews should be
called human beings, Christians should not be called human beings'
(KERITHUTH 6B, P. 78) or that: 'The people of the world can be divided
into Israel and all other nations. Israel is the chosen people,' (Rabbi
Cohen: 'Talmud' pub. 'PAYOT' Paris, 1986, p. 104) etc. etc.
Finally, dear 'Ios', appealing first to the code of ethics and only
secondly to the law on the press, I ask you to publish this response of
mine. I believe you will do so, because you are not the Goebbelist that
the late Vasilis Rafaelides, who cannot even be called extreme right
wing, wrongfully accused you of being (Eleftherotypia 21-12-1996).

I wish you good health

B. In this same, aforementioned place and time (29-10-2006) in the same
issue of the aforementioned newspaper, Dimitrios Zafeiropoulos and
Mihail Georgilas publishers and directors of the same, acting jointly
with the third accused Theodoros Hatzigogos, published an article
written by him which is as follows and in which they expressed opinions
offensive to certain groups of people because of their racial or ethnic
origin, and to Jews in general: 

>From 1st to 6th November, David Copperfield the greatest magician of all
time will be performing in Greece. 
Tickets cost from ˆ30 to ˆ170, but were sold out months ahead. I read a
long interview with the 55-year-old American magician in last Sunday's
'Vimagazino' and learnt that he is Jewish!
'I had a Jewish up-bringing but believe in all Gods,' Copperfield tells
the 'Vima', proving that the great God of the Jew is money, as the Jew
Marx wrote in his pamphlet on the Jewish question in 1843.
Even so, there is an important issue that needs to be addressed at some
point: 'Why is it that almost all great people in science or magic,
literature or chess are Jews? Why is it that for 100 years now one in
three Noble prizes goes to a Jew, when this people accounts for less
than 2% of the population of the world?'
Have we Aryans declined so much and have the Jews become so adept? Even
Nostradamus the 17th century French prophet was a Jewish convert to
Could it possibly be that their religion has something to do with it in
that it teaches them from an early age that we gentiles are all pigs and
they should exploit us? How can I, Christian that I am, get on in the
world when my religion orders me to share my worldly goods with the
poor, give care and shelter to illegal immigrants, become a missionary
and go to Africa to save the souls of black people and do other such
things that would horrify the racist Ancient Greeks?
Even wise Origen was persuaded he should make a eunuch of himself when
he read the New Testament.

C. Konstantinos Plevris is the author of the book 'The Jews - The Whole
Truth', which was published and put on the market in Athens on 25.5.2006
and in which he incited into actions and deeds that are likely to lead
to discrimination, hatred and violence against individuals and groups of
individuals, solely on the basis of their racial and ethnic origin and
against Jews in general. To be more precise, the following, and other
such things, are included in the book in question:

1. P. 742: 'That's what Jews want. It's the only thing they understand:
an execution squad within 24 hours'.

2. P. 269: 'Every Greek, every person who is aware of the subversion
carried out by Jewish Zionism, should act on his own as an individual
and mobilize himself against Jews. Initially he needs to do the
 …Wherever intervention by Jews is noted he should foil it by denouncing
it and then take whatever action is necessary.'

3. P. 432: 'So, as I describe elsewhere, the Nazis, knowing Jewish plans
full well, decided to expel Jews from Europe. And in this they were, in
my opinion, absolutely right. Ridding Europe of the Jews is necessary,
because Judaism poses a threat to the freedom of Nations'.

4. P 511: 'There is a Jewish problem in Europe... The Jewish problem
lies precisely in the fact that a non-European racial minority is
conspiring against European Nations, which it wants to subjugate. This
problem must be addressed because if it is not, the White Race is in
danger. I see no other solution than that the Jews should leave

5. P. 266: 'And now the time has come for us to call the Jew by the name
he deserves… What is somebody who tortures others? What is somebody who
shoots others? What is somebody who murders women and the unarmed? What
is somebody who rapes? … What is somebody who wants to drink our blood?
…What is somebody who does all these things together? He is the
sub-human Jew!'

6. P. 778: 'The only way Jews can find salvation is for them to stop
dreaming of ruling the world… Otherwise their annihilation will be
complete and for all. At most a few thousand will remain and they will
snip their little willies and wait for their Jehovah'. 

7. P. 1221: '… more I urge you my readers to talk about the Talmud and
the Jewish religion. I urge you more because you are the victims. Wake
up, the scheming Jews are digging the grave of Nations. Wake up, and
throw them in because they deserve it...'. 

8. P. 138-139: 'But it is not the fault of the half-wits. It is the
fault of the civilized world that tolerates the international parasites
that are called Jews… the time for retaliation has come…'.

9. P. 1166: 'The White Race does not want Semites in Europe, because
that is what is in its biological interests'. 

10. P. 600: 'The Jews defame me on the INTERNET. To be precise, a
Greek-Jew by the name of Daniel Perdurant wrote a dissertation (!) which
he submitted to the Vidal Sassoon International Centre for the Study of
Anti-Semitism at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem …We sought this
sycophant Jew but did not find him, neither did the Vidal Sassoon Centre
give us any information, so this sycophant Jew goes unpunished both by
the law and otherwise, for the time being'.

11. P. 583: 'My book, which you are now reading, is simple proof that we
are not afraid of the Jews. We scorn them for their morality, their
religion, and their acts, which together prove that they are sub-human'.

12. P. 852: 'Hitler was blamed for something that did not actually take
place. Later the history of humanity will blame him for not ridding
Europe of the Jews, though he could have… My dear Jews, I do not ask you
to suffer all the things that your holy books tell you that we should
suffer from you… You are criminals because that is what your religion
has taught you to be. You are murderers because crime is instilled in
you from an early age. Therefore we others have the right to deal with
you. And that is what we will do'.

13. P. 95: 'Unfortunately, teaching these historical truths is
prohibited (!!) in our schools because it would be …anti-Semitic. The
Graeculi [GHM note: offending diminutive for Greeks], the traitors of
the Nation. For that is what the 'cunning people' order. Those
responsible for distorting the history of Greece and thereby putting
intellectual blinkers on the Greek people ought to be hanged and if the
state cannot do it, Greeks will be found to execute the traitors'.

14. P. 1228: '… Until then, for us the Jews will continue to be deadly
foes, something that they themselves chose to be with all the
consequences that this exclusive choice entails. Seizing this
opportunity we warn: 
1.      Jews who go by Greek names to hide their real descent
2.      Agents of the Jews, especially journalists, politicians and
television presenters, who serve [the interests of] Jewish Zionism
3.      Powerful figures in the economy who deal in the parasitic Jewish
capital in the form of S.A. companies, 'Trusts', 'Holdings', 'Off-shore
companies' and so on
4.      Those Jewish motivated who undermine Greek National Education and
Foreign policy, who hold public office and serve [the interests of]
Jewish Zionism by imposing a pro-Jewish bias on education and foreign
5.      The mass media that sabotages the Greek way of life, the things that
the Nation holds sacred and the National values of the Greek people by
practicing all kinds of systematic propaganda with a view to furthering
denigration and decline in Greek National Society
All the above are warned once and for all that, in short: We have run
out of patience. The rest will take place as it must. And when you do
what must be done, come what may, as I. Metaxas  [GHM note: Greece's
fascist dictator who ruled between 1936-1941 with the '4th August
regime'] said'.

7. P. 986: 'Europe has never known unity and mobilization of this extent
before, so we may justifiably and legitimately conclude that the defeat
of Nazism means the defeat of Europe'.

8. P. 802: 'I stop at the historical truth that teaches the moral
superiority of National Socialism'. 

9. P. 803: '…National socialism is a world theory for 'gentle folk' not
for slaves. It is a belief of superior people… I cannot tolerate the
murderers, robbers, rapists, oppressors, parasites, corrupters and
subversive people of wretched Jewry denigrating the formidable National

10. P. 447: '…The truth will certainly re-establish itself gradually,
the propaganda will subside and the day will dawn when Nazi flags will
flap in the breeze'

11. P. 853: 'The SS divisions fight with unparalleled heroism'. 

12. P. 869: 'In 1945 the White Race suffered the greatest catastrophe in
its history. Hitlerian Germany's epic struggle for dominance by Aryans
ended without a Victory'. 

13. P. 871: 'HEINRICH HIMMLER (1900-1945): Chief in Command of the SS…
facts and arguments verify the high moral standing of the Man who,
despite the fact that in one day he could have issued the order for all
Jews to be put to death, chose to expel them from Europe so as to rid
the continent of the White Race of the non-European Semites ….
The SS, in particular the combatant SS (Waffen SS,) were the knights in
armor of the modern age, indomitable fighting men from every country in
Europe, who sacrificed their lives for the ideal of a New Order for
civilized peoples. Unfortunately for the human race, they were defeated…
They were all fine examples of faith, discipline and fighting skill,
serving the ideals of National Socialism. Their bearing reflected the
greatness of their character so only the very best of the Aryan Race
were included in the ranks of the SS…'. 

14. P. 881: 'ADOLF HITLER (1889-1945): The tragic leader of the German
Third Reich is certainly the most impressive leadership figure of the
modern age… Human history will blame Adolf Hitler for the following: 
1. He could have rid Europe of the Jews, but did not
2. He did not use the special chemical weapons, which only Germany
possessed, to gain a victory... Because of the defeat of Germany then,
the White Race and Europe are at risk now… The day will come when
Europeans will either dominate or be destroyed. Either way they will
acknowledge that Hitler was right...' 

15. P. 885: 'JOSEPH GOEBBELS (1897-1945): One of the brightest minds of
the century. A philosopher and fighter with a deep understanding of mass
psychology, on every battlefield he vanquished Jewish Bolshevism and
headed his country's all out war.' 

1.      P. 271: '4) No people of other races are to hold public office,
neither are they to be appointed by the state, which is Greek and Greek
only. The same applies to Entities of Public Law'.

2.      P. 271: '5) Mixed marriages between Greeks and people who are not of
the White Race are to be prevented'.

3.      P. 271: '7) The moving to Greece and settling here by people who
belong to the White Race is to be totally unrestricted'.

4.      P. 271: '9) No person or persons of other races are to be proclaimed
Greek citizens, except in the case of honorary citizenship, as the law
dictates. People of other races who have acquired Greek citizenship by
other means are to be deprived of it immediately and, provided they meet
the requirements, will be regarded as Hellenic-inclined.' 

P. 601: 'In answer to the question: 'Can a Jew be regarded as a Greek?'
I say directly: 'No', because the administrative act of bestowing Greek
nationality does not change a person's racial origin; it is a legal act,
not a racial or ethnic one'.

P. 902: ' …tolerated by the international community and the wretched UN
of former cannibal Annan.'

 '…it is a matter of urgency that we should take action immediately to
save the White Race, European civilization and, above all, Greece. To be
precise, the general lines should be that: Jews should leave Greece and
leave Europe, which they have tormented long enough. Jewish Zionists
should move to the land of their Fathers, so that the European continent
can be rid of them'. 
'I declare frankly, elsewhere too, that if the Germans had put Jewish
Zionists to death, I - and I do not believe I am alone in this - would
not be sorry. Jewish Zionists are criminals preparing our death. The
annihilation of the White Race which they have hated so much, with envy
compressed in their subconscious, for centuries. Our Race's instinct for
survival points to the way of war, [war] to the death against Jewish

 'The Jews did not succeed in dominating Europe. But they have created
racial problems all over Europe, which they have exacerbated with the
help of politicians, television presenters, 'professors', journalists
and other known and unknown agents of theirs. In the end, the only thing
they will achieve will be to irritate Europeans and provoke a reaction
from them. Mark my words. This time there will be no kind German Nazis
to gather up the Jews and send them to Madagascar, but Knights of the
White Apocalypse. I imagine them galloping, swords unsheathed, on golden
steeds of death'.

'Again and again I will stress that I am not against Jews as
individuals, as a people, as a race or as a Nations, but I am against
their religion because it teaches that the Jews made an agreement with
their God (Jehovah) under which they would worship him and he would
secure domination of all Nations all over the world for them, and they
would bow down to the Jews and be their servants'.

'I do not know a single Jew who does hold the outrageous belief that the
Jews are God's chosen people and that he made a covenant with them in
which he undertook to establish them above all nations'. 

D. Konstantinos Plevris wrote the book 'The Jews - The Whole Truth',
which was published and put on the market in Athens on 25-5-2006 and in
which he voices opinions that are offensive to groups of people because
of their racial and ethnic background and Jews in general as he says,
among other things:

P. 206 (below a photograph of children): 'They showed us this photograph
(When? Where? Who were they? And other such things unknown) and told us
they were Jewish children in a concentration camp. Accepted. We saw they
were very plump…'

P. 702: 'The Jews demand that we should respect their non-existent dead.
Personally, even if they did exist, why should I respect them?' 

P. 117: 'What else do the Jews need to do to you to make you wake up?
The Auschwitz fairy tale tugs at your heart strings but not the
slaughter of our own people'. 

P. 270: 'Free yourselves from Jewish propaganda that deceives you with
falsehoods about concentration camps, gas chambers, 'ovens' and other
fairy tales about the pseudo-holocaust…'. 

P. 685: 'The concentration camps, 'ovens', 'soap' and torture were and
still are popular subjects exploited for the purposes of anti-Nazi
propaganda…'. 'Those things, like the 'holocaust' are moving and impress
you with the supposed torture supposed to have been endured by Jews 60
years ago…' 

P. 1100 (Referring to a photograph on page 1098): 'These are Jewish
children in Auschwitz concentration camp - 2 (Birkenau), they look as if
they live well and, of course, they survived…' 

P. 1008: 'ZYKLON B, so extensively publicized as the gas used to put
Jews to death in the special gas chambers (which have not been found)
was merely a poisonous gas used to fumigate the concentration camps…
everything else [said about it] is fiction produced for the purposes of

P. 1012: 'In the case of Auschwitz, Jewish talk about dead bodies was
shown to have been lies right from the start' 

 'The children of the 'chosen people' have not yet succeeded in
snatching the possessions of the Nations, neither have they managed to
rule the world. No one knows what will happen in the future. But we do
know what happened in the past when we saw the 'chosen people' tremble
before the Black Uniform of the SS with the silver skull on the cap. We
saw the meek, silent, frightened 'chosen people' work in German
industry, from which they are now seeking compensation and which will
rightly be given them, as with slaves who have a right to some form of
remuneration for their work, but money cannot wash away the five years
the 'chosen people' were confined in German concentration camps where
many of the unfortunates lost their lives, more suffered and all of them
were humiliated to the point of total degradation because the Germans
did not respect the assurances regarding 'the chosen people' given in
the Old Testament and the Talmud'. 

 P. 626: '…Because we are GREEKS, in other words a superior Race and not
wretched Semites'. 

 P. 481: 'Personally, in defiant protest, I declare again and again that
I am an anti-Semite, I scorn the Jews ... whom I regard as sub-human.'

 P. 597: 'Being a Jew (by religion) and a human being is a contradiction
in terms, i.e. being one rule out being the other'.

P. 583: My book, which you are now reading, is plain proof that we are
not afraid of the Jews. We despise them for their morality, for their
religion, for their deeds, which together prove that they are

 'And now the time has come for us to give the Jew the name he
deserves…What is someone who tortures others? What is someone who shoots
others? What is someone who murders women and unarmed people? What is
someone who rapes? …What is someone who wants to drink our blood? …What
is someone who does all these things at the same time? He is a sub-human
Jew!' Also on page 852: 'You are criminals because that is what your
religion has taught [you]. You are murderers because it has been
instilled in you from a very early age. Therefore we others are entitled
to deal with you. And that is what we will do'.

1. P. 218: 'On 2nd November 1917, as we all know, England issued a
political communique (the Balfour declaration) establishing an ethnic
Jewish homeland in Palestine', and then on page 223: 'So immediately
after the Balfour declaration, the Jews started killing and displacing
Palestinians and are still doing so… Their criminal behavior as a whole
explains Nazi actions and more against them. It justifies them'. 

2. P. 558: 'Nazi High Court Judge Walter Buch conducted an investigation
into the events of 'the night of the crystals' …Of course, Jewish
propaganda conceals these things. No only that but they blame the SS for
the outrages, which I personally condone'.

3. P. 432: 'So as the Nazis had good knowledge of the Jewish plans, they
decided, as I relate elsewhere, to expel the Jews from Europe. And in my
opinion that was the right thing to do'. 

4. P. 1075: (A comment on the caption to a photograph taken in
Auschwitz: 'The barbed wire of Auschwitz remains in place to remind the
whole world of the Nazi atrocities of 1939-1945.) 'They are right to
maintain the camp in good condition because no one knows what might
happen in the future'. 

5. P. 1221: Consequently, I blame the German Nazis for not ridding
Europe of Jewish Zionism when it was in their power to do so. Therefore
the answer to the question of whether it was right of the Germans to
round up the Jews with a view to transporting them to Madagascar is
self-evident: in view of everything that the Jews teach and aspire to,
what the Germans did was not the right thing to do. They should not have
sent them to Madagascar, but to their Jehovah where they could stand and
read the Talmud together'.

6. P. 1196: 'So we have transportation not execution. But is it right
that people should be forcibly transported? If these people believe that
God has destined them to rule the whole world and that all Nations
should be enslaved them, then, in my opinion, transportation is not

For violation of articles 1, 12, 14, 26 par.1, 27 par.1, 45, 51, 53, 79,
98 of the Penal Code and 1 par.1, 2 LAW 927/1979 as valid today with
article 24 of LAW 1419/1984, article only of LAW 2243/1994.
                                                 Athens 20th July 2007

WITNESSES                               The Appeals Prosecutor of Athens 
1.      Anna Stai 
2.      Irini Koutelou
3.      Haralambos Katsiapis
4.      Leon Gavriilidis
5.      Moisis Konstantinis 
6.      Veniamin Albala                 Spyridon MOUZAKITIS             
7.      Andrea Helen Gilbert                    Deputy Appeals Prosecutor
8.      Avraam Reitan 
9.      Panayote Dimitras


1.      Issue 174 of 'ELEFTHEROS KOSMOS' newspaper

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