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The position of aliens in relation to the European Convention on Human
Rights / La situation des etrangers au regard de la Convention
europeenne des Droits de l'Homme 

The position of aliens in relation to the European Convention on Human
Rights (19/01/2007)

The law of the Council of Europe Convention on Human Rights relating to
aliens has developed significantly over recent time. In 25 years the
number of contracting States has doubled and the scope of rights and
freedoms guaranteed under the convention has broadened with the adoption
of new protocols. Protocol No.11 has reformed the convention control
bodies and mechanisms in order to accommodate the increasing case-load.
Further major amendments are foreseen by Protocol No. 14 to improve the
effective operation of the ECHR faced with an ever-increasing volume of
applications, whereas Protocol No.12 has enlarged the non-discrimination
clause contained in Article 14 of the ECHR to “any rights set forth by
law”. At the same time, important demographic changes have taken place.
The growing integration of the states of the European Union has created
greater mobility for its citizens; and political and economic pressures
have given rise to an increasing number of refugees and asylum-seekers
from Europe and beyond. It is against this backdrop that the position of
aliens in relation to the European Convention on Human Rights is
re-examined in a third edition.     

Author(s):   Helene Lambert
ISBN:   92-871-6098-8 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   76 
Price:   13 ˆ/ 20 $ 
    + 10% postage  

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Can excessive length of proceedings be remedied? (Science and technique
of democracy No. 44) (02/07/2007)

Remedying the excessive length of proceedings is a problem common to
most European states, which has received much attention in Strasbourg,
thus becoming an absolute priority for the Council of Europe and its
member states. With this in mind, the European Commission for Democracy
through Law (Venice Commission) compiled an up-to-date inventory of the
existing legislation of 47 states, a guide to the relevant case law of
the European Court of Human Rights and its own assessment of and its
far-reaching conclusions as to what would effectively remedy breaches of
the reasonable length requirement. This publication contains firstly the
Report on the Effectiveness of National Remedies in respect of Excessive
Length of Proceedings adopted by the Venice Commission at its 69th
Plenary Session (15-16 December 2006). The questionnaire which served as
the basis for this study, as well as the replies thereto by the 47
member States of the Council of Europe appear in Section II. Finally,
Section III contains the reports which were presented at the
International Conference on "Remedies for unduly lengthy proceedings: a
new approach to the obligations of Council of Europe member States", in
Bucharest on 3 April 2006 and which provided invaluable "food for
thought" for the report.     

ISBN:   92-871-6245-8 
Format:   16 x 24 
No. of pages:   370 
Price:   39 Eur/ 59 USD 
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Parenting in contemporary Europe: a positive approach (20/06/2007)

This publication is an important element of the Council of Europe's
recent work in the field of positive parenting leading up to the
Committee of Ministers' Recommendation Rec(2006)19 on policy to support
positive parenting. The authors review and analyse the major changes
affecting parenting in Europe, arising from legal situations, research
and practice. This work addresses the core issues related to positive
parenting and non-violent upbringing, with particular emphasis on
parents' entitlement to support from the state in carrying out their
parental tasks. Five themes are focused upon: 1. the legal situation and
the results of research: what it means to be a parent according to the
United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Council of
Europe and new scientific knowledge; 2. current thinking on the use of
violence and corporal punishment against children; 3. responses to
family policy, especially in terms of support programmes and services
for parenting and families; 4. the particular problems and needs of
parents and children in situations of social exclusion; and 5. the
relationship between parenting and drug-related behaviour among children
and teenagers. The book also includes the text of the Recommendation
Rec(2006)19, "Keys for parents" and "Guidelines for professionals".     

ISBN:   92-871-6135-2 
Format:   16x 24 
No. of pages:   175 
Price:   19 Eur/ 29 USD 
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The length of civil and criminal proceedings in the case-law of the
European Court of Human Rights (Human Rights Files No. 16) (10/07/2007)

Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights lays down as one of
the guarantees of a fair trial the requirement that proceedings should
take place within a "reasonable time". In terms of numbers, this
consideration alone has been the subject of almost one-third of the
judgments delivered by the Court since 1 968. Much can be learnt from
the wealth of case-law produced, founded on a wide interpretation of the
procedures that are subject to this need for rapidity. In terms of
quality, the right to a reasonable time-limit in legal proceedings is an
original and fundamental element of the Convention and its supervisory
mechanism. By creating a genuine right for the public to have cases
heard within a reasonable time, and by imposing sanctions on states
which fail to observe this condition, the European human rights
protection system has played a decisive role in fighting against the
sometimes excessive time required to obtain justice on the European
continent. In addition, the European Court of Human Rights has obliged
member states to set up, within their internal legal systems, public to
bring actions against infringements of this right, defining at both
European and national level what constitutes a delay which may be
unreasonable and thus subject to sanction. The "Human rights files"
series is aimed at specialists in European law: lawyers, practitioners
and research students. It also constitutes a useful resource for the
implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights in the
signatory states.     

Author(s):   Frederic Edel
ISBN:   92-871-6266-2 
Format:   A 5 
No. of pages:   104 
Price :   15 Eur/ 23 USD 
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Reconciling labour flexibility with social cohesion - The experiences
and specificities of central and eastern Europe (Trends in social
cohesion No. 17) (17/07/2007)

Even though the work place has become significantly more flexible in the
former socialist countries of central and eastern Europe, the ideas on
“flexicurity” and strategies of reconciliation are usually only
developed in the context of the western European welfare states.
However, when considering the differences of the transformation process,
it is clearly indispensable to go beyond a one-size-fits-all strategy.
The realities of central and eastern Europe and their social
institutional systems must I taken into account. This volume contributes
to filling this gap and to starting a pan-European reflection on the
concepts and issues of labour flexibility and social cohesion. It
contributes to the understanding| the specificities of certain realities
in| central and eastern Europe, including Turkey, in order to conceive
adequate strategies for conciliation.     
ISBN:   92-871-6151-8 
Format:   16 x 24 cm, bilingual, head-to-tail 
No. of pages:   205 
Price:   39 Eur/ 59 USD$ 
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Human rights and economic challenges in Europe – Gender equality

The two-sub themes of this Ministerial Conference were: - Gender
equality as an integral part of human rights in a democratic society. -
Gender analysis and gender budgeting: tools for economic development.
The main objective of the Conference was to raise awareness, at the
highest political level, to the fact that the lack of gender equality
implies personal, social and economic costs higher than the cost of
those incurred in implementing gender equality and that there are social
and economic benefits to be gained from its implementation. These
Proceedings present the main contributions to the Conference as well as
the two following texts adopted by the European ministers responsible
for gender equality: Resolution on Achieving gender equality: a
challenge for human rights and a prerequisite for economic development
and Action Plan for Achieving gender equality in all spheres of

ISBN:   92-871-6219-0 
Format:   16 x 24 cm 
No. of pages:   340 
Price:   28 Eur/ 42 USD
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