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Dear Minority Electronic Resources MINELRES,

In this week's Catalyst newsletter we have news of online articles about
race, mental health and the Irish population in Britain.

'The more we find out about human biology, the less certain scientists
appear to be about the meaning of race' - Kenan Malik asks whether race
is a biological reality or a social construction in Why do we still
believe in race?

'A far higher proportion of African-Caribbean patients are admitted to
clinics on referral by the criminal justice system'. In All in the mind,
Munira Mirza looks at mental health and how accusations of institutional
racism have damaged the medical profession's confidence in dealing with
minority groups.

'There is a definite feeling these days, embodied in formal and official
celebrations of St Patrick's Day, that life is sweet for Britain's Irish
population. But appearances can sometimes be deceptive'. Following on
from Hybrid and hyphenated, Mary Hickman's article on the Irish second
generation in Britain, in No gold at the end of the rainbow? Gavan
Curley asks whether Irish people in Britain are being denied their
national identity.

Finally, this week's Spotlight includes cohabitation and coconuts among
the stories that have recently dominated the British press.

To reiterate, we will not be publishing further issues of Catalyst in
print. However, Catalyst will continue online until September, with new
articles published every week.

After September, the Commission for Racial Equality will no longer exist
and under the new Commission for Equalities and Human Rights
(http://www.cehr.org.uk/), the future of Catalyst is uncertain. If you
have an opinion on the future of the magazine and website, we'd love to
hear from you - get in touch via our feedback page -

All the best,

The Catalyst team

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