MINELRES: New MRG campaign: keep minority voices at the UN

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Tue Aug 14 09:22:25 2007

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Dear all,

Today MRG and IMADR are launching a new campaign to keep and strengthen
minority voices at the UN. Please visit MRG's new-look website and take
action to support this campaign: www.minorityrights.org 
The UN Human Rights Council will make a decision in September which is
likely to see the UN closing its only forum on minorities with no
guarantee on what - if anything - will replace it. Help us to ensure
that that the important voices of minorities at the UN are not lost but
instead are strengthened - sign our petition and join our campaign.
Please forward the details of the campaign to your supporters and

Many thanks and best wishes

Kathryn Ramsay
Advocacy Officer
Minority Rights Group International
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