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Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) 

Press Release 

Turkish Broadcasting is prohibited in Greece
New licence law that was published in the official gazette brings
serious limitations to radio stations broadcasting in Turkish. New law
that was approved by Greek President Karolas Papoulias was published in
the official gazette on 5th July affects local and Turkish radio

New law brings conditions such as;

 Radio station must provide collateral of 60-100 thousand Euro, which
is very difficult condition to be satisfied by the low budget minority
radio stations in Western Thrace,

 Radio station must broadcast for 24 hours and employ 6 full time

 The most interesting component of the law is that Greek is the first
and the dominant language. Accordingly, except music programms, speaking
language will be Greek. 

International institutions such as International Press Institute (IPI)
and South East Europe Media Organization (SEEMO) sent a protest letter
to Greek President Karolas Papoulias and Parliamentary Spokesman Anna
Benaki-Psaroudathe. In the letter, it was underlined that new law meant
prohibitions for minority radio stations and requested the officials to
take the necessary steps to prevent the law come into force. 

Federal Union of European Nationalities (FUEN) censured Greek government
and expressed that right of the minorities to broadcast in their mother
languages should be respected.

Western Thrace Turkish Minority Members will be seriously affected by
the impacts of the new law. 

Statement of Minority Deputy Ilhan Ahmet caused grief among minority
members. Ilhan Ahmet stated that the law prepared by his Party should
not cause concerns while some offers would be discussed at the
Parliament and the condition of employing 6 full time personnel would be
converted to part-time personnel. However, Ahmet did not touch upon the
most critical condition of dominant broadcast language and he only
stated that Turkish would not be prohibited. 

Halit Habipoglu,chairman of Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe
(ABTTF), stated that the new law paved the way to ban Turkish
broadcasting on the back of accepting Greek as the dominant language.
Habipoglu said that the new law was very dangerous and aimed to destroy
the basic right of broadcasting in mother language and right to

Habipoglu underlined that the new law should be abolished promptly,
expressing ABTTF intention to initiate protest actions throughout

Meanwhile, Greek Government has not made any official statement yet.
Radio employees are waiting in a highly concerned mood due to the new
law. Greek Government is expected to make official statement in the
coming weeks. 


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