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Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europe (ABTTF) 

Press Release 

Minority Associations with 'minority' word are being prohibited in
Western Thrace
In Western Greece, as the prohibitons to establish foundations continue,
new prohibitions come to scene. Recently, Iskece (Xanthi) Administrative
Court did not permit the establishment of "Minority Civil Society
Solidarity Association" as the name carries 'minority'. 

The application of "Minority Civil Society Solidarity Association" which
was established by the Turkish Minority in Iskece (Xanthi) was rejected
by the Administrative Court by the decision numbered 293/2007 on the
legal ground that it is not clear whether the 'minority' word in the
name of the association defines religious minority or ethnic Turkish
minority and thus that ambiguity constitutes risk for the public order. 
Furthermore, in the statement, it was underlined that the state had the
right to protect its own security and thus the foundations that
constitute risk for the security of the nation can be prohibited in that
sense. The Court also stated that the minority group in Western Thrace
was defined 'Muslim Minority' both in Turkey and Greece under the
framework of Lausanne Treaty. However, the fact that Western Thrace
Minority was clearly defined as 'minority' in the Lausanne Treaty and
has the right to establish foundations under 'minority' definions was
absolutely ignored.

As might be recalled, Greek authorities prohibited the establishment of
Meric Minority Youth Association on the back of same reasoning, yet
permitting the establishment of Iskece (Xanthi) Pomak Culture
Association. That harmed the credibility of the authorities seriously.

Iskece (Xanthi) Administrative Court made a conflicting action by
permitting the Pomak Culture Association.

That unfairness should be brought up to European Agenda

That last event which is the most recent example of the anti-democratic
implementations was seriously criticized. Halit Habipoglu, chairman of
Federation of Western Thrace Turks in Europea, made a press release.
Habipoglu stated that Greece fell short of democracy day by day,
prohibiting Associations with Turkish word in it and now minority names
are also banned. Habipoglu underlined that those implementations were
completely aganist democracy and freedom of association. Habipoglu said
that that unfair decision of the Court should be brought up to European
agenda. He also added that every legal way should be abused to establish
the association in Greece.


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