MINELRES: ERRC: Wave of Racially-Targeted Housing Destruction in Turkey

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Civil Society Action to Halt Forced Evictions of Roma in Turkey

On 21 September 2006, the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), acting 
in partnership with Turkey-based civil society organizations  the 
Helsinki Citizens' Assembly, Accessible Life Foundation, Sulukule 
Romani Culture, Solidarity and Development Association, and EDROM, 
sent a letter to the Prime Minister of Turkey calling for the Prime 
Minister's urgent attention and interference to halt the ongoing 
execution of forced evictions of Romani communities until a 
reasonable solution to the housing situation of the affected families 
is found. On the basis of an ongoing monitoring of the situation in 
several neighbourhoods in Istanbul with large numbers of Romani 
residents, the organisations noted that forced evictions of Roma have 
been carried out in gross violation of Turkey's obligations under 
international human rights law. Hundreds of Romani individuals have 
been exposed to homelessness and extremely substandard conditions, 
lacking basic sanitary and hygiene necessities. In some instances 
police used pepper spray against Romani individuals, including women 
and children.

The victims of the forced evictions carried out in Istanbul and 
elsewhere in Turkey are also threatened with deprivation of other 
basic rights. According to reports, in some instances, Romani 
children of evicted families have had problems enrolling at school 
due to the refusal by local authorities to provide them with 
residence certificates. Extreme impoverishment of Romani families 
aggravated by the forced evictions also poses serious obstacles for 
access to school.

The full text of the letter can be read at: 


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