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26 September 2006
National coordinators gear up for European Year
Events and activities marking the European Year of Equal Opportunities
for All will take place all over Europe in 2007. There will be European
level events, such as the Equality Summit at the end of January, but
national coordinators will be responsible for organising the vast
majority of events and activities in their countries.

Almost all 25 EU Member States have now nominated a ministry or equality
agency as their national coordinator. These coordinators, known as
‘implementing bodies’, will take the lead in organising events at
national, regional and local level. 

They will also be the key contact point for anyone in a country who
wants to get involved. Any trade union, NGO, school or individual
wishing to host an event or contribute in some way can contact their
national coordinator for advice and support.

A few countries are still in the process of nominating a national
coordinator. These will be announced on the European Year of Equal
Opportunities for All website in due course. Negotiations are currently
underway with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein and it is hoped they
will also take part in the Year's activities.

Further information

Three new EU funding opportunities
New calls for tender have been announced on the subject of migrant women
in the labour market, access to education for disadvantaged groups in
Romania and integrating non-EU citizens in Europe. The deadlines for
submitting proposals for these calls are all in October.

Migrant women can face multiple discrimination – on grounds of gender
and nationality or race. An open call for a study on "The role of
migrant women in the labour market: current situation and future
prospects” (VT/2006/050) -
- sets the objective of assessing – and proposing measures to improve –
the participation of migrant women in the labour market. The deadline
for proposals is 16 October 2006.

The European Commission’s PHARE programme has assisted restructuring in
Central and Eastern Europe since 1989. A new PHARE call for Romania aims
to increase school participation among disadvantaged groups such as
Roma. The deadline for submitting a proposal is 6 October 2006. Further
information can be found on the ENAR website
(http://www.enar-eu.org/en/funding/calls/2006-10-06.shtml) and in the
EuropeAid database (http://ec.europa.eu/comm/europeaid/cgi/frame12.pl).

INTI (integration of third country nationals) is a European Commission
funding programme to help non-EU citizens integrate in Member States.
Proposals for a call for preparatory actions
should not exceed Eur  4,000,000 and must be submitted by 20 October

September Spotlight: European truck tour for equality

The third edition of the European truck tour is on the road, promoting
the equality message around Europe. The giant 30-ton truck set off on
its four-month journey from Helsinki in August. Cyprus is among the 13
countries in the schedule and there will be a stop in Limassol on 28
September to link up with the ‘Diversity in SMEs’ conference that takes
place in the following days.

Read the Spotlight here

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