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MPG e-news highlights activities, resources and events that contribute
to policy development on migration and anti-discrimination

Index II gets underway
Towards the second edition of the European Civic Citizenship and
Inclusion Index
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3408.html

Corporate initiative renamed
Expanding private sector organisation builds European profile
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3402.html

Acquisition and Loss of Nationality: Policies and Trends in 15 European
A comprehensive analysis and comparison of rules, practices and
quantitative developments
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/documents/3412.html

Migration News Sheet - September 2006
Castles in Spain: fabled FRONTEX fails to deliver. Plus much more, from
the fate of the Afghans rescued by a Norwegian cargo ship five years ago
to reports on the victims of ‘ethnic profiling’ in planes
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/news/3409.html

German Supplier Diversity Roundtable  21 September 2006
Minister of State to contribute to discussions in Berlin
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3413.html

French Supplier Diversity Roundtable  3 October 2006
HALDE to take part in introduction hosted by IBM in Paris
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3414.html

Supplier Diversity Workshop  12 October 2006 - 13 October 2006
Credit Suisse hosts next members' event in London
more - http://www.migpolgroup.com/events/3415.html

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About MPG e-news
MPG e-news highlights activities, resources and events that contribute
to policy development on migration and anti-discrimination.
MPG e-news is aimed at stakeholders from all sectors of society - legal
experts, governments, businesses, NGOs, policy makers, independent
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