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NEWSLETTER No. 28 (7.9.2006)

5. 9. 2006

Roma did not succeed with legal prosecution against a discotheque

Prosecution by three Roma against discotheque Helax on the Stodolni
Street in Ostrava was disapproved by regional court of Ostrava on
Tuesday. Roma asked the club entrepreneur for apology and thirty
thousand Czech crowns because security guards did not let them in
allegedly due to their skin color in March 2004. A few minutes later,
however, activists testing Ostrava?s clubs for Roma discrimination did
entered the club without any problems. Therefore, according to Tuesday’s
verdict, prosecutors have to pay court expenses of 15 000 Czech crowns
to prosecuted firm Golden Gastro Service. This process is not the first
one based on tests done by Roma voluntaries and representatives of civic
association Mutual Coexistence and Consulting Room for Citizenship the
Ostrava court had to deal with. There were two more before and Roma have
succeeded in those processes. Several other cases have not been solved
yet. “Of course we will lodge an appeal,” reacted solicitor David
Strupka. He is convinced there has been discrimination going on in the
Helax club, similarly as in several other tested clubs. 

Source: Pravo, CTK, www.romea.cz 


300 people had to be evacuated because of a house on fire in Vsetin

Last night, extensive fire of roof of a corridor house mainly inhabited
by Roma stroked in center of Vsetin. Firemen had to evacuate 300 people.
No one was injured. The house has been on fire several times before. It
is in horrible condition and will be demolished in October. Vsetin?s
hospital welcomes town hall’s decision to demolish the house because it
stands near ordinations. Situation in this locality has been critical
for a long time already, according to opinion of experts. Surrounding of
the house inhabited mainly by Roma is very noisy and things get lost
from the hospital and specialized ordinations often. Demolition of the
house in very bad condition would help the hospital even economically.
“Because of this situation, some clients rather chose another health
care institution, which has been disadvantageous for us not only
economically. It has also affected our reputation. We are glad this will
change soon,” said director of the hospital. In this house currently
live 42 families. Most of them will find a new home on the edge of the
town in the Poschla district. Build up new flats on the edge of the town
will cost about 40 million Czech crowns. Town got a grant of thirty
million crowns for this purpose.

Source:  CTK, www.romea.cz


Conviction to three years in prison for brutal attack on Roma in

Three years in prison is the conviction for brutal attack on a Roma
couple committed in Jeseniky by 23 years old Martin Jas. That is today’s
decision of Regional Appeal Court in Olomouc. Regional Court in Jesenik
originally sentenced him to four years and five months of prison. This
was taken as aggregate sentence. However, according to the Appeal Court,
it is not possible to give aggregate sentence in this case. It was not
only Jas, who has done it. There were also another two attackers. They
have been punished by court already earlier. According to prosecutor,
three young men entered house of the Roma couple under a false pretence
of being police. They hit the woman, pregnant at that time, with a
cobblestone into her eye and cut the man. 

Source: CTK,


Candidates of the VPM aim to go against Roma in their program

Electoral testimony, publicized by candidates of the Independent Party
in Broumov, harshly goes against the Roma minority in the town. They
promise to their voters that they will radically do something with
parasitic behavior of socially inadaptable citizens. Concretely, they
want to do something about social security benefits they have been
taking. They also want to avoid influx of Slovakian Roma into Broumov.
The association proposes to give them food vouchers instead of money,
controls of hygienic conditions in town houses, or controls of number of
people living in flats. The way they want to do something against influx
of Slovakian Roma is not clear even to the association. “We do not know
yet,” confesses leader of the ticket, teacher Mr. Lengal, who claims
that the police should help with that. Electoral program of the party
uses the same vocabulary as the ultra-right National Party, for

Source: CTK, Mlada fronta -


Specialized high school of social and law studies started a new academic
year in Brno 

Specialized high school of social and law studies started this academic
year in Brno. The school was to reside in Jihlava, but the agreement was
not reached at the end. There are 120 new first year students out of
which 60 attend extramural studies,” said director of the school Emil

Source: www.romea.cz 


Recommendation of the UN in case of unlawful sterilizations of women in
the Czech republic

the UN Committee for Eliminationation of all Forms of Women
Discrimination (CEDAW) appeals to the government of the Czech republic
to immediately end up unlawful sterilizations, change legal editing, and
compensate all victims sterilizations. The League for Human Rights,
European Center for Roma Rights and Mutual Coexistence welcomed the
final report of the UN committee (CEDAW) issued in August 25 at the
occasion of the end of periodical control of fulfillment of
international obligations of the Czech republic in fight against
discrimination of woman.

Source: www.romea.cz 


Ministry will announce first analysis of poor Roma localities 

Today, Czech Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs publicized results of
the very first inquiry focused on poor Roma communities. Analysis
investigated situation in more than 300 of these localities. According
to estimations, there is up to 80 000 Roma living there.   In census,
there were about 11. 700 people claiming Roma nationality. However,
according to expert estimations, there are up to 250 000 Roma people
living in the Czech Republic. Roma associations claim that up to 90% of
Roma people do not have a job in some regions. There, Roma families are
in debts and usually end up in houses for bilkers. According to
investigations of the UN Development Program (UNDP), Roma living in
Czech do have a better living conditions compare to other post communist
countries, nonetheless, there is still a big gap between the Roma
community and majority. In average, there are 8% people living under the
poverty line. However, there is ? of Roma living in such conditions.
Results of the inquiry is also proposal to help people from excluded
communities to integrate into the society. Analysis also introduces base
for funding from the European Social Fond for Roma Integration

Source: CTK, www.romea.cz 

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