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For Diversity - Against Discrimination 

13th October 2006
Commission announces new PROGRESS call

The European Commission has published a new call for proposals
(VP/2006/019)  [
] for the forthcoming PROGRESS programme for employment and social
solidarity. The call is open to non-profit European level networks
active in combating discrimination, promoting gender equality and
promoting the integration of disabled people in society. 

These three areas of activity make up the three ‘actions’ of the call.
Only networks that have these areas as primary objectives and activities
are eligible. The call is also only open to European level organisations
made up of national members from at least 15 EU Member States.

The deadline for submitting a proposal is 17 November 2006. Through this
call, EU financial support is available for a period of 12 months
maximum starting from 1 January 2007 at the earliest.

Detailed information on the call is available in the online
documentation [
]. This should be checked regularly as any updates will be posted
online. The Commission can respond to further questions, as long as they
are sent via email to the relevant mailboxes.

In the course of 2007, under the PROGRESS Programme, other calls for
proposals and calls for tenders will be issued and published online here
- http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/emplweb/tenders/index_en.cfm. 

For further information

Equal Rights in Practice newsletter now online

The autumn 2006 edition of the Equal Rights in Practice newsletter can
now be downloaded as a PDF in English, French or German from the
European Commission’s anti-discrimination website -

The biannual newsletter reviews the Community Action Programme to combat
discrimination. This sixth issue has a special focus on training. It
looks back on the Warsaw Community Action Programme conference 
] in spring that shared this focus and highlights a wide range of
ongoing training in the field of anti-discrimination, such as for legal
professionals and for civil society groups.

This issue of Equal Rights in Practice also looks forward to a busy
2007, which will see the European Year for Equal Opportunities for All 
[ http://ec.europa.eu/employment_social/equality2007/index_en.htm ] and
the launch of the new PROGRESS programme.

Download the newsletter

Training manual now available 

Training of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is one way to ensure
that victims of discrimination are aware of their rights and receive the
support to defend them if necessary.

In the 10 Member States that joined the EU in 2004, and in Bulgaria,
Romania and Turkey, the EU-funded project ‘Capacity building of civil
society dealing with anti-discrimination’ offered training on the EU
Equality Directives of 2000 and also national legislation and policies.

The partners of this project, human european consultancy
[http://www.humanconsultancy.com/] and the Migration Policy Group
[http://www.humanconsultancy.com/], published a training manual that
brings together material used in sessions to train trainers and national
seminars. It covers key concepts in the Equality Directives and also
thematic subjects such as awareness raising and providing support to
individual victims.

The manual was produced in the local languages of the 13 countries
involved in the training and also in English. Copies are available
online at
or as hard copies in limited numbers. To request hard copies, contact
the European Commission by email empl-antidiscrimination@ec.europa.eu.

The capacity-building project is to be followed by a follow-up in all 25
European Union Member States.

October Spotlight: Diversity in SMEs conference 

This month’s Spotlight feature on the anti-discrimination website looks
at the ‘Diversity in SMEs’ conference that was held in Limassol, Cyprus
from 29-30 September.

Read the Spotlight here

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